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Five Free Thrilling Detective Novels

What is a good mystery novel without a thrilling crime to solve and a dogged detective with a penchant for logical deduction? Whether it is kidnapping, theft or murder, a good detective novel draws readers in and keeps them hooked with new clues and startling revelations. It’s not always hardboiled sleuths that are called upon to crack the cases either. Sometimes ordinary people find themselves caught up in extraordinary circumstances where they are forced to pit their wits against some villains.

5 Contemporary Romance Novels

There is a common misconception that the only free ebooks that are available online are older titles that are in the public domain. While it is true that there are thousands of free public domain ebooks, there are also plenty of contemporary titles available. Some are only available for free during a limited time period as a promotion, but others can be read at any time. Here are just five contemporary novels in the romance genre that freely available and worth a read. Many of them are the first title in a series of books, which enables you to get a feel for the story and characters to see if it is worth investing in the rest.


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Caleb Wachter
After the Empire withdrew, it fell to ships like the aged Pride of Prometheus, captained by Lieutenant Commander Tyrone 'Tim' Middleton, to restore their home systems. But Middleton & Co. uncover a plot that may tear the Spineward Sectors apart.
K.S. Ruff
A woman haunted by her past, a man determined to win her heart, and another who would possess her at all costs.
PJ McDermott
The Alien Corps has found charlatans, warlocks, and tricksters, but not the least, not yet.
Mary McPhee
A young interior decorator uses her imagination to lead her from a grisly scene in an upscale Denver loft to a shabby room in a farmhouse where in peace and simplicity she awaits the birth of her baby. Until a stranger comes to shatter that peace.
Kayla C. Oliver
My best friends are getting married, and I have specific instructions—to keep my hands off the wedding planner.
Ira Heinichen
Abandoned. Deprived of his legacy. One boy must cross the galaxy to save the father he never knew. On his quest, he encounters pirates, androids, and that his success may lie in discovering that blood isn’t the only thing that determines your family.
Andria Stone
If you like The Expanse and Star Trek, you’ll like this book! Space. Secrets. Scientists. A high-octane Sci-Fi military thriller with Soldiers and Scientists battling a Female Villain who's a triple threat: smart, vicious and deadly.
Charlize Starr
We made a deal when we were kids. Marry each other if we were still single at 30. Guess what. We’re both turning 30…
Sharon Karaa
Life’s a b*tch, but if Tabitha Brownlee is to be believed, Death is a megalomaniac with a penchant for single malt and eyebrows that meet in the middle. Can she convince him to put her soul back into her body and evict the SOB who’s taken her place?
Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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