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Victor Appleton

Alias: pseudonym
Life: 1873-1962
See also: Howard R. Garis

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Daddy Takes Us to the Garden
The Daddy Series for Little Folks, [en]

The Moving Picture Boys and the Flood
Perilous Days on the Mississippi, [en] 1914

The Moving Picture Boys at Panama
Stirring Adventures Along the Great Canal, [en] 1915

The Moving Picture Boys on the Coast
or, Showing Up the Perils of the Deep, [en] 1913

The Moving Picture Boys on the War Front
Or, The Hunt for the Stolen Army Films, [en] 1918

Tom Swift Among the Diamond Makers
or The Secret of Phantom Mountain, [en] 1911

Tom Swift Among the Fire Fighters
or Battling with Flames from the Air, [en] 1921

Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship
or The Naval Terror of the Seas, [en] 1915

Tom Swift and His Air Glider
or Seeking the Platinum Treasure, [en] 1912

Tom Swift and His Air Scout
or Uncle Sam's Mastery of the Sky, [en] 1919

Tom Swift and His Airship
The Stirring Cruise of the Red Cloud, [en] 1910

Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel
or The Hidden City of the Andes, [en] 1916

Tom Swift and His Electric Locomotive
or Two Miles a Minute on the Rail, [en] 1922

Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle
or Daring Adventures in Elephant Land, [en] 1911

Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout
The Speediest Car on the Road, [en] 1910

Tom Swift and His Giant Cannon
or The Longest Shots on Record, [en] 1913

Tom Swift and His Giant Telescope, [en] 1939

Tom Swift and His Great Searchlight
or On the Border for Uncle Sam, [en] 1912

Tom Swift and His Motor-Boat
or The Rivals of Lake Carlopa, [en] 1910

Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle
or Fun and Adventures on the Road, [en] 1910

Tom Swift and His Photo Telephone
or, The Picture that Saved a Fortune, [en] 1914

Tom Swift and His Sky Racer
or The Quickest Flight on Record, [en] 1911

Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat
or Under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure , [en] 1910

Tom Swift and His Undersea Search
or The Treasure on the Floor of the Atlantic, [en] 1920

Tom Swift and His War Tank
or Doing His Bit For Uncle Sam, [en] 1918

Tom Swift and His Wireless Message
or The Castaways of Earthquake Island, [en] 1911

Tom Swift and His Wizard Camera
or Thrilling Adventures While Taking Moving Pictures, [en] 1912

Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung, [en] 1961

Tom Swift and The Visitor from Planet X, [en] 1961

Tom Swift in Captivity
or, A Daring Escape by Airship, [en] 1912

Tom Swift in the Caves of Ice
or The Wreck of the Airship, [en] 1911

Tom Swift in the City of Gold
or Marvelous Adventures Underground, [en] 1912

Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders
or The Underground Search for the Idol of Gold, [en] 1917

Victor Appleton
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