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240-260 of 1934 Non-fiction ebooks.

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Bulletin de Lille, Jan. 1916
Publié sous le contrôle de l'autorité allemande
The Soul of Japan
Inazo Nitobe
By-Ways of Bombay
S. M. Edwardes
Four Months among the Gold-Finders, being the Diary of an Expedition from San Francisco to the Gold Districts
Henry Vizetelly
The Californiacs
Inez Haynes Gillmore
Collecção das obras de Camillo Castello Branco
João Xavier da Mota
Campaigns of a Non-Combatant
and His Romaunt Abroad During the War
George Alfred Townsend
Canada for Gentlemen
Being Letters From James Seton Cockburn.
James Seton Cockburn
The Canadian Girl at Work
A Book of Vocational Guidance
Marjory MacMurchy
Canadian Postal Guide
Various Authors
Canadian Wilds
Tells About the Hudson's Bay Company, Northern Indians and Their Modes of Hunting, Trapping, Etc.
Martin Hunter
Cannes und Genua
Vier Reden zum Reparationsproblem
Walther Rathenau
Cape Cod
Henry David Thoreau
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