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Science Fiction after 1950

1949, 1934

A Martian Odyssey (1949, 1934 ) by Stanley Grauman Weinbaum


Last Enemy (1950) by H. Beam Piper

The Mercenaries (1950) by H. Beam Piper

Flight From Tomorrow (1950) by H. Beam Piper


The Mississippi Saucer (1951) by Frank Belknap Long

Stairway to the Stars (1951) by Larry Shaw

Regeneration (1951) by Charles Dye

The Envoy, Her (1951) by Horace Brown Fyfe

City at World's End (1951) by Edmond Hamilton

Black Amazon of Mars (1951) by Leigh Douglass Brackett

Empire (1951) by Clifford Donald Simak

Duel on Syrtis (1951) by Poul William Anderson

Genesis (1951) by H. Beam Piper

Day of the Moron (1951) by H. Beam Piper

This World Must Die! (1951) by Horace Brown Fyfe

The Troubadour (1951) by Robert Augustine Ward Lowndes

Asteroid of Fear (1951) by Raymond Z. Gallun

Temple Trouble (1951) by H. Beam Piper


Tree, Spare that Woodman (1952) by Dave Dryfoos

Warrior Race (1952) by Robert Sheckley

Twelve Times Zero (1952) by Howard Carleton Browne

Youth (1952) by Isaac Asimov

The Terrible Answer (1952) by Arthur G. Hill

Black Eyes and the Daily Grind (1952) by Stephen Marlowe

''And That's How It Was, Officer'' (1952) by Ralph Sholto

Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet (1952) by Harold Leland Goodwin

The Seventh Order (1952) by Gerald Allan Sohl

The Last Supper (1952) by T.D. Hamm

Let There Be Light (1952) by Horace Brown Fyfe

Homesick (1952) by Lyn Venable

The Old Martians (1952) by Roger Phillips Graham

The Smiler (1952) by Albert Hernhuter

Accidental Flight (1952) by Floyd L. Wallace

Pursuit (1952) by Lester del Rey

Bride of the Dark One (1952) by Florence Verbell Brown

The Ego Machine (1952) by Henry Kuttner

One Purple Hope! (1952) by Henry Hasse

The Altar at Midnight (1952) by C.M. Kornbluth

Freudian Slip (1952) by Franklin Abel

Uller Uprising (1952) by H. Beam Piper

The Sound of His Horn (1952) by Sarban

Wheels Within (1952) by Charles V. De Vet

An Empty Bottle (1952) by Mari Wolf

The Stowaway (1952) by Alvin Heiner

The Wealth of Echindul (1952) by Noel Miller Loomis

The Hell Ship (1952) by Raymond Alfred Palmer

Master of the Moondog (1952) by Stanley Mullen

Beyond Lies the Wub (1952) by Philip K. Dick

Runaway (1952) by Joseph Samachson

Robots of the World! Arise! (1952) by Mari Wolf

The One and the Many (1952) by Stephen Marlowe

Marley's Chain (1952) by Alan Nourse

The Gun (1952) by Philip K. Dick

Stand by for Mars! (1952) by Carey Rockwell

The Man Who Staked the Stars (1952) by Charles Dye

The Moon is Green (1952) by Fritz Reuter Leiber, Jr.

The Ultroom Error (1952) by Gerald Allan Sohl

To Each His Star (1952) by Bryce Walton

The Clean and Wholesome Land (1952) by Ralph Sholto

Acid Bath (1952) by Vaseleos Garson

McIlvaine's Star (1952) by August Derleth

Big Pill (1952) by Raymond Z. Gallun

Evil Out of Onzar (1952) by Mark Ganes

Category Phoenix (1952) by Boyd Ellanby

Generals Help Themselves (1952) by M.C. Pease

Shock Treatment (1952) by Stanley Mullen

Cost of Living (1952) by Robert Sheckley

Thompson's Cat (1952) by Robert Moore Williams

Hoiman and the Solar Circuit (1952) by Gordon Dewey

Holes, Incorporated (1952) by L. Major Reynolds

Manners of the Age (1952) by Horace Brown Fyfe

A Thought For Tomorrow (1952) by Robert E. Gilbert

The Skull (1952) by Philip K. Dick

Martians Never Die (1952) by Lucius Daniel

Zero Data (1952) by Charles Saphro

Vital Ingredient (1952) by Charles V. De Vet

The Reluctant Weapon (1952) by Howard L. Myers

Zen (1952) by Jerome Bixby

Sugar Plum (1952) by Reginald Bretnor

The Leech (1952) by Phillips Barbee


By Earthlight (1953) by Bryce Walton

The Natives (1953) by Katherine MacLean

The Worshippers (1953) by Damon Francis Knight

The Hands (1953) by Richard Sternbach

The Eyes Have It (1953) by Philip K. Dick

Check and Checkmate (1953) by Walter M. Miller

Diplomatic Immunity (1953) by Robert Sheckley

One Man's Poison (1953) by Robert Sheckley

Deepfreeze (1953) by Robert Donald Locke

All Cats Are Gray (1953) by Andre Norton

The Black Star Passes (1953) by John W. Campbell, Jr.

Games (1953) by Katherine MacLean

Stamped Caution (1953) by Raymond Z. Gallun

The Book (1953) by Michael Shaara

Exile (1953) by Horace Brown Fyfe

Student Body (1953) by Floyd L. Wallace

Thy Rocks and Rills (1953) by Robert E. Gilbert

Danger in Deep Space (1953) by Carey Rockwell

The Slizzers (1953) by Jerome Bixby

Circle of Flight (1953) by Richard Stockham

Voyage To Eternity (1953) by Stephen Marlowe

The Animated Pinup (1953) by Lewis Parker

Mars Confidential (1953) by Jack Lait

The Huddlers (1953) by William Campbell Gault

Ask a Foolish Question (1953) by Robert Sheckley

She Knew He Was Coming (1953) by Kris Ottman Neville

The Mighty Dead (1953) by William Campbell Gault

Turnover Point (1953) by Alfred Coppel

Let 'Em Breathe Space (1953) by Lester del Rey

The Victor (1953) by Bryce Walton

Instant of Decision (1953) by Gordon Randall Garrett

The Water Eater (1953) by Winston K. Marks

Brink of Madness (1953) by Walter J. Sheldon

Stop Look and Dig (1953) by George Oliver Smith

The Very Black (1953) by Dean Evans

Cue for Quiet (1953) by Thomas L. Sherred

Turning Point (1953) by Alfred Coppel

Space Platform (1953) by Murray Leinster

Divinity (1953) by William Douglas Morrison

The House from Nowhere (1953) by Arthur G. Stangland

The Defenders (1953) by Philip K. Dick

The Salesman (1953) by Waldo T. Boyd

Teething Ring (1953) by James Causey

The Enormous Room (1953) by Horace Leonard Gold

Life Sentence (1953) by James V. McConnell

Restricted Tool (1953) by Malcolm B. Moreheart

Say ''Hello'' for Me (1953) by Frank W. Coggins

The Prophetic Camera (1953) by John McGreevey

Field Trip (1953) by Gene Hunter

Time Enough at Last (1953) by Lyn Venable

Pipe of Peace (1953) by James McKimmey

The Kenzie Report (1953) by Mark Irvin Clifton

Adolescents Only (1953) by Irving E. Cox

Earthsmith (1953) by Stephen Marlowe

The Adventurer (1953) by C.M. Kornbluth

Ye of Little Faith (1953) by Roger Phillips Graham

The Old Die Rich (1953) by Horace Leonard Gold

The Romantic Analogue (1953) by W.W. Skupeldyckle

The Anglers of Arz (1953) by Roger D. Aycock

The Invaders (1953) by Murray Leinster

Breaking Point (1953) by James E. Gunn

Spillthrough (1953) by Daniel F. Galouye

The Last Gentleman (1953) by Rory Magill

The Variable Man (1953) by Philip K. Dick

Nine Men in Time (1953) by Noel Miller Loomis

Unbegotten Child (1953) by Winston K. Marks

The Invader (1953) by Alfred Coppel

Show Business (1953) by Lyle G. Boyd

The Instant of Now (1953) by Irving Cox

The Vilbar Party (1953) by Evelyn E. Smith

The Big Tomorrow (1953) by Paul Lohrman

Delayed Action (1953) by Charles V. De Vet

The Mathematicians (1953) by Arthur Feldman

Tangle Hold (1953) by Floyd L. Wallace

No Shield from the Dead (1953) by Gordon Rupert Dickson

At the Post (1953) by Horace Leonard Gold

The Sword (1953) by Frank Quattrocchi

Dogfight - 1973 (1953) by Dallas McCord Reynolds

Space Tug (1953) by Murray Leinster

The Black Tide (1953) by Arthur G. Stangland

Deadly City (1953) by Paul W. Fairman

Decision (1953) by Frank M. Robinson

Spacemen Never Die! (1953) by Morris Hershman

Mr. President (1953) by Stephen Arr

The Model of a Judge (1953) by William Douglas Morrison

The Eyes Have It (1953) by James McKimmey

The Trap (1953) by Betsy Curtis

New Hire (1953) by Dave Dryfoos

Beside Still Waters (1953) by Robert Sheckley

The Hour of Battle (1953) by Robert Sheckley

Security (1953) by Poul William Anderson

The Inhabited (1953) by Richard Wilson

Celebrity (1953) by James McKimmey

The Statue (1953) by Mari Wolf

Weak on Square Roots (1953) by Russell Burton

Homo Inferior (1953) by Mari Wolf

Clean Break (1953) by Roger D. Aycock

One Martian Afternoon (1953) by Tom Leahy

Pioneer (1953) by William Hardy

Ullr Uprising (1953) by H. Beam Piper

Irresistible Weapon (1953) by Horace Brown Fyfe

The Star Lord (1953) by Boyd Ellanby

Hall of Mirrors (1953) by Fredric Brown

The Buttoned Sky (1953) by Geoff St. Reynard

Derelict (1953) by Alan Nourse

With a Vengeance (1953) by J.B. Woodley

Sjambak (1953) by Jack Vance

All That Goes Up (1953) by Kirby Brooks

This is Klon Calling (1953) by Walter J. Sheldon

A Bottle of Old Wine (1953) by Richard O. Lewis

On the Trail of the Space Pirates (1953) by Carey Rockwell

Stopover Planet (1953) by Robert E. Gilbert

No Charge for Alterations (1953) by Horace Leonard Gold

Native Son (1953) by T.D. Hamm

Trees Are Where You Find Them (1953) by Arthur Dekker Savage

Where There's Hope (1953) by Jerome Bixby

Null-ABC (1953) by H. Beam Piper

The Dark Goddess (1953) by Richard S. Shaver

The Sloths of Kruvny (1953) by Vern Fearing

The Hunters (1953) by William Douglas Morrison

Warm (1953) by Robert Sheckley

Success Story (1953) by Robert Turner

Riya's Foundling (1953) by Algirdas Jonas Budrys

Collectivum (1953) by Mike Lewis

I'll Kill You Tomorrow (1953) by Helen Huber

Mr. Spaceship (1953) by Philip K. Dick

Elegy (1953) by Charles Beaumont

Problem on Balak (1953) by Roger D. Aycock

The Space Pioneers (1953) by Carey Rockwell

Man of Many Minds (1953) by E. Everett Evans

Infinite Intruder (1953) by Alan Nourse

Second Variety (1953) by Philip K. Dick

Earth Alert! (1953) by Kris Ottman Neville

Know Thy Neighbor (1953) by Elisabeth R. Lewis

Piper in the Woods (1953) by Philip K. Dick

The Carnivore (1953) by G.A. Morris

Planet of Dreams (1953) by James McKimmey

The Peacemaker (1953) by Alfred Coppel


The Hitch Hikers (1954) by Vernon L. McCain

Backlash (1954) by Winston K. Marks

When the Mountain Shook (1954) by Robert Abernathy

The Double Spy (1954) by Dan T. Moore

The Women-Stealers of Thrayx (1954) by Fox B. Holden

For Every Man A Reason (1954) by Patrick Wilkins

Double Take (1954) by Richard Wilson

The Return (1954) by H. Beam Piper

Narakan Rifles, About Face! (1954) by Jan Smith

Perchance to Dream (1954) by Richard Stockham

Rastignac the Devil (1954) by Philip Josť Farmer

The Crystal Crypt (1954) by Philip K. Dick

The Honored Prophet (1954) by William E. Bentley

Bedside Manner (1954) by William Douglas Morrison

Pet Farm (1954) by Roger D. Aycock

George Loves Gistla (1954) by James McKimmey

The Small World of M-75 (1954) by E.M. Clinton, Jr.

Time Fuze (1954) by Gordon Randall Garrett

The Sky Is Falling (1954) by Lester del Rey

See? (1954) by Edward G. Robles

Breeder Reaction (1954) by Winston K. Marks

The Telenizer (1954) by Don Thompson

The Ambassador (1954) by Sam Merwin

Tape Jockey (1954) by Tom Leahy

The Merchants of Venus (1954) by A.H. Phelps

Ring Once for Death (1954) by Robert Andrew Arthur

The Revolt on Venus (1954) by Carey Rockwell

Treachery in Outer Space (1954) by Carey Rockwell

The Holes Around Mars (1954) by Jerome Bixby

To Remember Charlie By (1954) by Roger D. Aycock

The Odyssey of Sam Meecham (1954) by Charles E. Fritch

This One Problem (1954) by M.C. Pease

Sorry: Wrong Dimension (1954) by Ross Rocklynne

Such Blooming Talk (1954) by L. Major Reynolds

Rex Ex Machina (1954) by Frederic Max

The Cuckoo Clock (1954) by Wesley Barefoot

Prelude to Space (1954) by Robert W. Haseltine

The Very Secret Agent (1954) by Mari Wolf

Back to Julie (1954) by Richard Wilson

Lonesome Hearts (1954) by Russell Robert Winterbotham

Death of a Spaceman (1954) by Walter M. Miller

Project Hush (1954) by Philip Klass

Shipwreck in the Sky (1954) by Eando Binder

The Holes and John Smith (1954) by Edward W. Ludwig

The Test Colony (1954) by Winston K. Marks

No Strings Attached (1954) by Lester del Rey

Keep Out (1954) by Fredric Brown

The Man from Time (1954) by Frank Belknap Long

The Colonists (1954) by Raymond F. Jones

B-12's Moon Glow (1954) by Charles A. Stearns

Chain of Command (1954) by Stephen Arr

The Worlds of Joe Shannon (1954) by Frank M. Robinson

The Ordeal of Colonel Johns (1954) by George H. Smith

Waste Not, Want (1954) by Dave Dryfoos

Fair and Warmer (1954) by E.G. von Wald

Way of a Rebel (1954) by Walter M. Miller

Cogito, Ergo Sum (1954) by John Foster West

Felony (1954) by James Causey

Operation Lorelie (1954) by William P. Salton

The Calm Man (1954) by Frank Belknap Long

The Man the Martians Made (1954) by Frank Belknap Long

Two Timer (1954) by Fredric Brown

Skin Game (1954) by Charles E. Fritch

The Thing in the Attic (1954) by James Benjamin Blish

Two Plus Two Makes Crazy (1954) by Walter J. Sheldon

Foundling on Venus (1954) by Dorothy De Courcy

All In The Mind (1954) by Gene L. Henderson

Cancer World (1954) by Harry Warner

Collector's Item (1954) by Evelyn E. Smith

Uniform of a Man (1954) by Dave Dryfoos

Fly By Night (1954) by Arthur Dekker Savage

Wainer (1954) by Michael Shaara

Forsyte's Retreat (1954) by Winston K. Marks

Assignment's End (1954) by Roger D. Aycock

'Mid Pleasures and Palaces (1954) by James McKimmey

Probability (1954) by Louis Trimble

High Man (1954) by Jay Clarke

Mate in Two Moves (1954) by Winston K. Marks

Joy Ride (1954) by Mark Meadows

The Unlearned (1954) by Raymond F. Jones

The Valley (1954) by Richard Stockham

Feline Red (1954) by Robert Sampson

Reel Life Films (1954) by Sam Merwin

The First Day of Spring (1954) by Mari Wolf

Jimsy and the Monsters (1954) by Walter J. Sheldon

Disqualified (1954) by Charles Louis Fontenay

What Rough Beast? (1954) by Jefferson Highe

Rough Translation (1954) by Jean M. Janis

Confidence Game (1954) by James McKimmey

Made in Tanganyika (1954) by Carl Richard Jacobi

A Gift For Terra (1954) by Fox B. Holden

Be It Ever Thus (1954) by Robert Moore Williams

The Giants From Outer Space (1954) by Geoff St. Reynard

Year of the Big Thaw (1954) by Marion Zimmer Bradley

The Psilent Partner (1954) by John Victor Peterson

Navy Day (1954) by Harry Harrison

The Ties That Bind (1954) by Walter M. Miller

World Without War (1954) by E.G. von Wald

Beyond the Door (1954) by Philip K. Dick

Texas Week (1954) by Albert Hernhuter

Lost in the Future (1954) by John Victor Peterson

The Impossible Voyage Home (1954) by Floyd L. Wallace

Solar Stiff (1954) by Chas. A. Stopher

Where the World is Quiet (1954) by Henry Kuttner

Special Delivery (1954) by Damon Francis Knight

Off Course (1954) by Dallas McCord Reynolds

A World Apart (1954) by Samuel Merwin

The Passenger (1954) by Kenneth Harmon

The Record of Currupira (1954) by Robert Abernathy

Call Him Savage (1954) by John Pollard

Forget Me Nearly (1954) by Floyd L. Wallace

The Sensitive Man (1954) by Poul William Anderson

Letter of the Law (1954) by Alan Nourse


Far from Home (1955) by J.A. Taylor

Sabotage in Space (1955) by Carey Rockwell

Bolden's Pets (1955) by Floyd L. Wallace

Rich Living (1955) by Michael Cathal

One Way (1955) by Miriam Allen DeFord

Big Stupe (1955) by Charles V. de Vet

Time Crime (1955) by H. Beam Piper

Dead Man's Planet (1955) by Joseph Samachson

Operation Earthworm (1955) by Joe Archibald

Sam, This is You (1955) by Murray Leinster

Rescue Squad (1955) by Thomas J. O'Hara

The Hand (1955) by Gerald Allan Sohl

World of the Drone (1955) by Robert Abernathy

Millennium (1955) by Everett B. Cole

One-Shot (1955) by James Benjamin Blish

Faithfully Yours (1955) by Lou Tabakow

Brown John's Body (1955) by Winston K. Marks

The Aggravation of Elmer (1955) by Robert Andrew Arthur

The Game of Rat and Dragon (1955) by Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger

Competition (1955) by James Causey

Blessed Are the Meek (1955) by G.C. Edmondson

Shock Absorber (1955) by E.G. von Wald

The Dictator (1955) by Stephen Marlowe

Criminal Negligence (1955) by Jesse Francis McComas

Pythias (1955) by Frederik Pohl

As Long As You Wish (1955) by John O'Keefe

The Players (1955) by Everett B. Cole

Helpfully Yours (1955) by Evelyn E. Smith

The Doorway (1955) by Evelyn E. Smith

Scrimshaw (1955) by Murray Leinster

The Guardians (1955) by Irving Cox

Slingshot (1955) by Irving W. Lande

Project Mastodon (1955) by Clifford Donald Simak

The Cartels Jungle (1955) by Irving Cox

Citadel (1955) by Algirdas Jonas Budrys

The Hoofer (1955) by Walter M. Miller

Sand Doom (1955) by Murray Leinster

Blind Spot (1955) by Bascom Jones

Victory (1955) by Lester del Rey

Brknk's Bounty (1955) by Gerald Allan Sohl

Tight Squeeze (1955) by Dean Charles Ing

Sense from Thought Divide (1955) by Mark Irvin Clifton

The Tunnel Under The World (1955) by Frederik Pohl

Perfect Control (1955) by Richard Stockham

The Stutterer (1955) by R.R. Merliss

Cubs of the Wolf (1955) by Raymond F. Jones

The Golden Judge (1955) by Nathaniel Gordon

The Long Voyage (1955) by Carl Richard Jacobi

Final Weapon (1955) by Everett B. Cole

Breakaway (1955) by Stanley Gimble

A Fine Fix (1955) by Ray C. Noll

The Short Life (1955) by Francis Donovan

A Woman's Place (1955) by Mark Irvin Clifton


The Day of the Boomer Dukes (1956) by Frederik Pohl

No Hiding Place (1956) by Richard R. Smith

The Hohokam Dig (1956) by Theodore Pratt

Plague Ship (1956) by Andre Norton

The Hills of Home (1956) by Alfred Coppel

In the Cards (1956) by Alan Cogan

Hard Guy (1956) by H.B. Carleton

Atom Drive (1956) by Charles Louis Fontenay

The Hunted Heroes (1956) by Robert Silverberg

John Jones's Dollar (1956) by Harry Stephen Keeler

Love Story (1956) by Irving Cox

Police Your Planet (1956) by Lester del Rey

There Will Be School Tomorrow (1956) by V.E. Thiessen

The Venus Trap (1956) by Evelyn E. Smith

The Man Who Hated Mars (1956) by Gordon Randall Garrett

The Sword and the Atopen (1956) by Taylor H. Greenfield




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