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100 Novels Everyone Should Read--From London Telegraph - johann

Absorbing short stories - sardoweems

adventure - tleday03

Allan quatermain - Chanuka

Ambleside Online Year 1 - jess

Atlantis - matthew

Barnes and Noble Classics - Hot Soup

BBC Big Read - fio

Books for Kids - ficbot

books from many books - karensproul

Books From TV Series "LOST" - johann

Books in Fadiman's "Lifetime Reading Plan" - johann

Books on St. Johns College List--Freshman Year - johann

Books Ordered by Helene Hanff from Marks & Co. in "84 Charing Cross Road" - johann

Books Shown or Mentioned in 1966 Film "Fahrenheit 451" - johann

Books to Read - Scrooge

Books To Read - macteacher

books to read - mlerbrick

Books to Read - Alex Abott

books to read - dorothyg

books to read - islandgirl

Chicago - Leah A. Zeldes

Chicago - matthew

Cyberpunk - matthew

Dystopia - matthew

Elevation - shoshieko

Elsie - irochka_86

Erotica - davidm

Fairy Tales - Naumadd

Fascinating Food - Leah A. Zeldes

Fati book - fbenelalja

Fiction - klee

fiction - gralan

Five-star novels - Leah A. Zeldes

For writers - baxna1

Geek lit - anirvan

Great books - 11

Great Books of the Western World - matthew

Great Reads - gentlemanbeggar

Great Short Fiction - Leah A. Zeldes

Have Read - tgatzajr

History - American - Marje

History - Ancient - Marje

History - European - Marje

History - Great Britain - Marje

Homeschool Resources - ccutright

Horror books to read - fefeburg

Indian Scholar - Rajat_Bhatnagar

iPod books - aabenn1

Journalists in Fiction - Leah A. Zeldes

Just Plain Excellent - matthew

Knigi - majvoj

lhbkindle - LHBRAVO

literate - kirthi ferrans

literature books - ebi girl

Maximos - frmaximos

Modern Poetry - sohailchowdhury

My Books - jukkaz

My Favourites - ficbot

Nice Covers - matthew

Oben - obenka

Oxford Novels - matthew

Read - jay79456

Sci-Fi - jaqian

Science Fiction Favorites - matthew

So Many - pessoa

Something - Monolit

South Africa - matthew

SteamPunk - mkotschi

Tarzan series - Chanuka

Thought-provoking - sardoweems

Time Travel - matthew

what i like - zcopter


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Featured Books

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Rise of The Iron Eagle

The Iron Eagle Series Book 1
Roy A. Teel Jr.

Is The Iron Eagle a psychotic serial killer?Read more

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True Alpha 1
Alisa Woods

Shifters in Seattle Desired (True Alpha 1) Ne... Read more

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Open Minds

Mindjack Saga Book 1
Susan Kaye Quinn

When everyone reads minds, a secret is a danger... Read more

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XGeneration 1

You Don't Know Me (XGeneration Series)
Brad Magnarella

In the fall of 1984, Cold War tensions between... Read more

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Drive, Ride, Repeat

The Mostly-True Account of a Cross-Country Car and Bicycle Adventure
Al Macy

Author Al Macy is a character and a tightwad wi... Read more

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I Bring the Fire

Part I: Wolves (A Loki Story)
C. Gockel

In the middle of America, Amy Lewis is on her way... Read more

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