eBook Submission Guidelines

Are you interested in distributing your ebook at manybooks.net? We'd be happy to oblige! Here are the requirements:

  • Your ebook must be free.
  • You must be the copyright holder for any ebook you provide, or the provided text must be in the Public Domain. Authors of work licensed under the Creative Commons are particularly welcome.
  • Submitted ebooks must be plain text -- manybooks.net can only handle plain text files -- all other formats are created automatically from the submitted text file. This means PDF won't work. HTML or RTF is also acceptable.
  • Your work must already be available via the web -- preferably on your own site.

After consideration your ebook may be added to manybooks.net along with a cover image, if you have one. If a cover image is not provided a simple one will be automatically generated. You may also provide a brief, 1 to 2 sentence description, a link to your website, and categorization info.

To have your eBook considered for distribution, please provide the following information:

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eBook information:
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