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Arthur Scott Bailey

Life: 1877-1949

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The Tale of Brownie Beaver, [en]

The Tale of Frisky Squirrel, [en] 1915

The Tale of Cuffy Bear, [en] 1915

The Tale of Fatty Coon, [en] 1915

The Tale of Tommy Fox, [en] 1915

The Tale of Jimmy Rabbit
Sleepy-TimeTales, [en] 1916

The Tale of Billy Woodchuck, [en] 1916

The Tale of Peter Mink
Sleepy-Time Tales, [en] 1916

The Tale of Sandy Chipmunk, [en] 1916

The Tale of Rusty Wren, [en] 1917

The Tale of Old Mr. Crow
A Tuck-me-in Tale, [en] 1917

The Tale of Solomon Owl, [en] 1917

The Tale of Jolly Robin, [en] 1917

The Tale of Jasper Jay
Tuck-Me-In Tales, [en] 1917

The Tale of Ferdinand Frog, [en] 1918

The Tale of Kiddie Katydid, [en] 1918

The Tale of Betsy Butterfly
Tuck-Me-In Tales, [en] 1918

The Tale of Dickie Deer Mouse, [en] 1918

The Tale of Buster Bumblebee, [en] 1918

The Tale of Freddie Firefly, [en] 1918

The Tale of Daddy Longlegs
Tuck-Me-In Tales, [en] 1919

The Tale of Timothy Turtle, [en] 1919

The Tale of Benny Badger, [en] 1919

The Tale of Major Monkey, [en] 1919

The Tale of Miss Kitty Cat
Slumber-Town Tales, [en] 1919

The Tale of Bobby Bobolink
Tuck-me-In Tales, [en] 1920

The Tale of Grandfather Mole, [en] 1920

The Tale of Grumpy Weasel
Sleepy-Time Tales, [en] 1920

The Tale of Chirpy Cricket, [en] 1920

The Tale of the The Muley Cow
Slumber-Town Tales, [en] 1921

The Tale of Henrietta Hen, [en] 1921

The Tale of Master Meadow Mouse, [en] 1921

The Tale of Pony Twinkleheels, [en] 1921

The Tale of Old Dog Spot, [en] 1921

The Tale of Mrs. Ladybug, [en] 1921

The Tale of Turkey Proudfoot
Slumber-Town Tales, [en] 1921

The Tale of Grunty Pig
Slumber-Town Tales, [en] 1921

The Tale of Snowball Lamb, [en] 1922

The Tale of Nimble Deer
Sleepy-Time Tales, [en] 1922

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