Honoré de Balzac

Life: 1799-1850

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The Collection of Antiquities, [en]

The Country Doctor, [en]

A Man of Business, [en]

Cousin Pons, [en]

A Distinguished Provincial at Paris, [en]

Folk-Tales of Napoleon
The Napoleon of the People; Napoleonder, [en]

Domestic Peace, [en]

A Drama on the Seashore, [en]

Droll Stories from the Abbeys of Touraine
Volume I: The First Ten Tales, [en]

Massimilla Doni, [en]

Droll Stories, vol 2, [en]

Droll Stories, vol 3, [en]

The Duchesse de Langeais, [en]

Z. Marcas, [en]

An Episode Under the Terror, [en]

Eugenie Grandet
English Translation, [en]

Farewell, [en]

Ferragus, [en]

The Firm of Nucingen, [en]

Gambara, [en]

Gaudissart II, [en]

The Girl with the Golden Eyes, [en]

La Grenadiere, [en]

Grosse und Kleine Welt, [de]

The Hated Son, [en]

The Hidden Masterpiece, [en]

The Human Comedy: Introductions and Appendix, [en]

The Illustrious Gaudissart, [en]

The Jealousies of a Country Town, [en]

Juana, [en]

La Grande Breteche, [en]

The Lesser Bourgeoisie, [en]

The Magic Skin, [en]

The Muse of the Department, [en]

An Old Maid, [en]

Pamela Giraud
A Play in Five Acts, [en]

Parisians in the Country, [en]

A Passion in the Desert, [en]

Petty Troubles of Married Life, part 1, [en]

Petty Troubles of Married Life, part 2, [en]

Pierrette, [en]

A Prince of Bohemia, [en]

Repertory of the Comedie Humaine, part 1, [en]

Repertory of the Comedie Humaine, part 2, [en]

Rise and Fall of César Birotteau, [en]

Secrets of the Princesse de Cadignan, [en]

Seraphita, [en]

Seraphita, [en]

The Thirteen, [en]

Two Poets, [en]

Unconscious Comedians, [en]

The Village Rector, [en]

Ursula, [en]

Vautrin, [en]

The Vicar of Tours, [en]

The Napoleon of the People, [en]

Sons of the Soil, [en]

Louis Lambert, [en]

The Lily of the Valley, [en]

El Verdugo, [en]

Melmoth Reconciled, [en]

The Stepmother
A Drama in Five Acts, [en]

Eugenie Grandet, [fr]

The Recruit, [en]

The Red Inn, [en]

Maitre Cornelius, [en]

Lost Illusions, [en]

Sarrasine, [en]

Adieu, [en]

The Brotherhood of Consolation, [en]

Bureaucracy, [en]

Catherine de Medici, [en]

The Celibates, [en]

The Chouans, [en]

Sarrasine, [en] 1830

The Exiles, [en] 1831

Father Goriot, [en] 1834

Facino Cane, [en] 1836

Gobseck, [en] 1840

The Resources of Quinola
A Comedy in a Prologue and Five Acts, [en] 1842

The Two Brothers, [en] 1842

La Maison du Chat-qui-pelote, [fr] 1842

Colonel Chabert, [en] 1845

The Commission in Lunacy, [en] 1845

A Daughter of Eve, [en] 1845

The Deserted Woman, [en] 1845

The Marriage Contract, [en] 1845

A Second Home, [en] 1845

The Atheist's Mass, [en] 1845

Honorine, [en] 1845

Letters of Two Brides, [en] 1845

Modeste Mignon, [en] 1845

Paz, [en] 1845

Pierre Grassou, [en] 1845

The Purse, [en] 1845

Study of a Woman, [en] 1845

Vendetta, [en] 1845

A Woman of Thirty, [en] 1845

Madame Firmiani, [en] 1845

The Unknown Masterpiece, [en] 1845

The Message, [en] 1845

Honorine, [en] 1845

A Start in Life, [en] 1845

Die Frau von dreißig Jahren, [de] 1845

Albert Savarus, [en] 1845

Another Study of Woman, [en] 1845

At the Sign of the Cat & Racket
(La maison du chat qui pelote), [en] 1845

The Ball at Sceaux, [en] 1845

Beatrix, [en] 1845

Cousin Betty, [en] 1846

Scenes from a Courtesan's Life, [en] 1847

A Comedy in Three Acts, [en] 1851

The Alkahest
The House of Claes, [en] 1887

An Historical Mystery
The Gondreville Mystery, [en] 1892

Eve and David, [en] 1893

The Deputy of Arcis, [en] 1896

The Elixir of Life, [en] 1897

Christ in Flanders, [en] 1899

A Street of Paris and Its Inhabitant, [en] 1900

A Street of Paris and Its Inhabitant, [en] 1900

Library of the World's Best Mystery and Detective Stories
One Hundred and One Tales of Mystery by Famous Authors of East and West., [en] 1907

International Short Stories: French, [en] 1910

Honoré de Balzac
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