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Arthur Conan Doyle

Life: 1859-1930

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The Cabman's Story
The Mysteries of a London 'Growler', [en]

[Scribner's] Stories by English Authors in Africa, [en]

Jim Harrison, boxeur, [fr]

De dood van Sherlock Holmes — De terugkeer van Sherlock Holmes, [nl]

Le Horror Altissime
The Horror of the Heights, [ia]

A Study In Scarlet, [en] 1887

Micah Clarke
His Statement As Made to His Three Grandchildren Joseph, Gervas, and Reuben During the Hard Winter of 1734, [en] 1888

The Mystery of Cloomber, [en] 1889

The Sign of the Four, [en] 1890

Sherlock Holmes: De Agra-Schat
[The Sign of the Four], [nl] 1890

The White Company, [en] 1891

The Doings of Raffles Haw, [en] 1891

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, [en] 1892

The Great Shadow and Other Napoleonic Tales, [en] 1892

My Friend The Murderer, [en] 1893

The Strand Magazine, Volume V, Issue 27, March 1893
An Illustrated Monthly, [en] 1893

Beyond the City, [en] 1893

Round The Red Lamp
Being Facts and Fancies of Medical Life, [en] 1894

The Great Keinplatz Experiment
and Other Tales of Twilight and the Unseen, [en] 1894

The Captain of the Polestar
and Other Tales, [en] 1894

The Parasite
A Story, [en] 1894

The Stark Munro Letters, [en] 1895

The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard, [en] 1896

Rodney Stone, [en] 1896

Uncle Bernac
A Memory of the Empire, [en] 1897

Enoni, [fi] 1898

A Desert Drama
Being the Tragedy of the ''Korosko'', [en] 1898

The Tragedy of the Korosko, [en] 1898

A Duet (with an occasional chorus), [en] 1899

The Green Flag
And Other Stories of War and Sport, [en] 1900

The Dealings of Captain Sharkey
and Other Tales of Pirates, [en] 1900

The War in South Africa
Its Cause and Conduct, [en] 1902

The Great Boer War, [en] 1902

The Hound of the Baskervilles, [en] 1902

The Adventures of Gerard, [en] 1903

Baskervillen koira, [fi] 1904

The Return of Sherlock Holmes, [en] 1904

The Return of Sherlock Holmes
Magazine Edition, [en] 1904

The Man from Archangel
and Other Tales of Adventure, [en] 1905

The Last of the Legions
and Other Tales of Long Ago, [en] 1905

Sir Nigel, [en] 1906

Through the Magic Door, [en] 1909

The Crime of the Congo, [en] 1909

La grande ombre, [fr] 1909

Micah Clarke - Tome I
Les recrues de Monmouth, [fr] 1910

Nouveaux mystères et aventures, [fr] 1910

Songs of Action, [en] 1911

Songs Of The Road, [en] 1911

Micah Clarke - Tome II
Le Capitaine Micah Clarke, [fr] 1911

Micah Clarke - Tome III
La Bataille de Sedgemoor, [fr] 1911

The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax, [en] 1911

The Last Galley
Impressions and Tales, [en] 1911

The Refugees
A Tale of Two Continents, [en] 1912

The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans, [en] 1912

The Lost World, [en] 1912

The Poison Belt, [en] 1913

The Valley of Fear, [en] 1914

The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge, [en] 1914

A Visit to Three Fronts, June 1916, [en] 1916

The Adventure of the Cardboard Box, [en] 1917

The Adventure of the Devil's Foot, [en] 1917

The Adventure of the Dying Detective, [en] 1917

The Adventure of the Red Circle, [en] 1917

His Last Bow
An Epilogue of Sherlock Holmes, [en] 1917

His Last Bow, [en] 1917

Danger! and Other Stories, [en] 1918

The New Revelation, [en] 1918

The Vital Message, [en] 1919

The Boy Scouts Book of Stories, [en] 1919

Masterpieces of Mystery In Four Volumes
Mystic-Humorous Stories, [en] 1920

Masterpieces of Mystery In Four Volumes
Detective Stories, [en] 1920

The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone, [en] 1921

The Coming of the Fairies, [en] 1921

The Wanderings of a Spiritualist, [en] 1921

Tales of Terror & Mystery, [en] 1922

The Problem of Thor Bridge, [en] 1922

The Firm of Girdlestone, [en] 1923

Arthur Conan Doyle
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