John Galsworthy

Life: 1867-1933
Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, 1932

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The Burning Spear
Being the Experiences of Mr. John Lavender in the Time of War, [en]

The Complete Plays, [en]

The Complete Essays, [en]

The Fifth Series Plays
A Family Man, Loyalties, Windows, [en]

The First and Last, [en]

Four Short Plays, [en]

The Fourth Series Plays
A Bit O'Love, Foundations, Skin Game, [en]

Indian Summer of a Forsyte
In Chancery, [en]

Quality and Others
Studies and Essays, [en]

Six Short Plays
First and Last, Little Man, Hall-Marked, Defeat, The Sun, Punch and Go, [en]

Villa Rubein and Other Stories, [en] 1900

The Island Pharisees, [en] 1904

The First Series Plays
The Silver Box, Joy, Strife, [en] 1906

Man of Property, [en] 1906

The Silver Box
A Comedy in Three Acts, [en] 1906

The Country House, [en] 1907

Censorship and Art, [en] 1909

Concerning Letters, [en] 1909

Fraternity, [en] 1909

Joy, [en] 1909

Strife, [en] 1909

A Tragedy in Four Acts, [en] 1910

The Little Dream, [en] 1911

The Patrician, [en] 1911

The Eldest Son, [en] 1912

Inn of Tranquility, and Others
Studies and Essays, [en] 1912

The Pigeon
A Fantasy in Three Acts, [en] 1912

The Second Series Plays
Eldest Son, Little Dream, Justice, [en] 1912

The Dark Flower, [en] 1913

The Fugitive, [en] 1913

Tatterdemalion, [en] 1914

The Mob
A Play in Four Acts, [en] 1914

The Third Series Plays
The Fugitive, The Pigeon, The Mob, [en] 1914

The Freelands, [en] 1915

The Little Man
A Farcical Morality in Three Acts, [en] 1915

Beyond, [en] 1917

Another Sheaf, [en] 1917

Five Tales, [en] 1918

Saint's Progress, [en] 1919

In Chancery, [en] 1920

A Bit O' Love
The Foundations; The Skin Game, [en] 1920

The Foundations, [en] 1920

The Skin Game, [en] 1920

To Let, [en] 1920

Tatterdemalion, [en] 1920

Awakening & To Let, [en] 1921

The Forsyte Saga, [en] 1921

A Family Man, [en] 1922

Loyalties, [en] 1922

Windows, [en] 1922

John Galsworthy
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