Bret Harte

Life: 1836-1902

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Excelsior, [en]

A Drift from Redwood Camp, [en]

Flip: A California Romance, [en]

Jeff Briggs's Love Story, [en]

Legends and Tales, [en]

New Burlesques, [en]

Selected Stories of Bret Harte, [en]

Urban Sketches, [en]

Her Letter
His Answer & Her Last Letter, [en] 1870

The Luck of Roaring Camp
and Other Tales, [en] 1870

East and West
Poems, [en] 1871

Mrs Skaggs's Husbands, [en] 1873

Tarinoita Kalifornian kultamailta, [fi] 1874

Tales of the Argonauts, [en] 1875

Two Men of Sandy Bar, [en] 1876

Thankful Blossom, [en] 1877

Drift from Two Shores, [en] 1878

The Story of a Mine, [en] 1878

The Twins of Table Mountain, [en] 1879

Found at Blazing Star, [en] 1882

In The Carquinez Woods, [en] 1883

On the Frontier, [en] 1884

By Shore and Sedge, [en] 1885

Maruja, [en] 1885

The Queen of the Pirate Isle, [en] 1886

Snow-Bound at Eagle's, [en] 1886

Frontier Stories, [en] 1887

The Crusade of the Excelsior, [en] 1887

Devil's Ford, [en] 1887

A Millionaire of Rough-and-Ready, [en] 1887

The Argonauts of North Liberty, [en] 1888

A Phyllis of the Sierras, [en] 1888

Cressy, [en] 1889

The Heritage of Dedlow Marsh
and Other Tales, [en] 1889

A Waif of the Plains, [en] 1890

A Ward of the Golden Gate, [en] 1890

A First Family of Tasajara, [en] 1891

A Sappho of Green Springs, [en] 1891

Colonel Starbottle's Client, [en] 1892

Sally Dows, [en] 1893

Susy, A Story of the Plains, [en] 1893

The Bell-Ringer of Angel's
and Other Stories, [en] 1894

Mr Jack Hamlin's Mediation, [en] 1894

A Protégée of Jack Hamlin's, [en] 1894

Clarence, [en] 1895

In a Hollow of the Hills, [en] 1895

The Three Partners, [en] 1897

Salomy Jane, [en] 1898

Stories in Light and Shadow, [en] 1898

Tales of Trail and Town, [en] 1898

Complete Poetical Works, [en] 1899

From Sand Hill to Pine, [en] 1900

Under the Redwoods, [en] 1901

Condensed Novels
Second Series: New Burlesques, [en] 1902

Openings in the Old Trail, [en] 1902

Trent's Trust
& Other Stories, [en] 1903

Tennessee's Partner, [en] 1907

Bocetos Californianos, [es] 1911

Tri Noveloj de Usona Verkisto Bret Harte, [eo] 2003

Bret Harte
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