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Robert E. Howard

Life: 1906-1936

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Bull Dog Breed, [en]

Champ of the Forecastle, [en]

The Hyborian Age, [en]

Red Nails, [en]

The Lost Valley of Iskander, [en]

Red Shadows, [en] 1928

Skull-Face, [en] 1929

Rattle of Bones, [en] 1929

The Shadow Kingdom, [en] 1929

The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune, [en] 1929

Skulls in the Stars
A Solomon Kane Story, [en] 1929

The Moon of Skulls, [en] 1930

Fist and Fang, [en] 1930

The Pool of the Black One, [en] 1931

The Blood of Belshazzar, [en] 1931

The Hawks of Outremer, [en] 1931

Lord of Samarcand, [en] 1932

The Phoenix on the Sword, [en] 1932

Wings in the Night, [en] 1932

Worms of the Earth, [en] 1932

The Scarlet Citadel, [en] 1933

The People of the Black Circle, [en] 1934

The Devil in Iron, [en] 1934

Alleys of Darkness, [en] 1934

The Daughter of Erlik Khan, [en] 1934

Mountain Man, [en] 1934

The Tomb's Secret, [en] 1934

Names in the Black Book, [en] 1934

Fangs of Gold, [en] 1934

Queen of the Black Coast, [en] 1934

Jewels of Gwahlur, [en] 1935

Hawk of the Hills
An El Borak Story, [en] 1935

The Hour of the Dragon
Conan the Conqueror, [en] 1936

Black Canaan, [en] 1936

Graveyard Rats, [en] 1936

Breckinridge Elkins, [en] 1936

A Gent from Bear Creek, [en] 1937

Pigeons from Hell, [en] 1938

Almuric, [en] 1939

Robert E. Howard
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