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William Dean Howells

Life: 1837-1920

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day Anthology, [en]

A Belated Guest
From 'Literary Friends and Acquaintances', [en]

Cambridge Neighbors
From 'Literary Friends and Acquaintances', [en]

Confessions of Summer Colonist
From 'Literary Friends and Acquaintances', [en]

Emile Zola, [en]

Henry James, Jr., [en]

Literary Boston As I Knew It
From 'Literary Friends and Acquaintances', [en]

Of Literature, [en]

The Man of Letters as a Man of Business, [en]

The Man of Letters as a Man of Business, [en]

Modern Italian Poets
Essays and Versions, [en]

Oliver Wendell Holmes
From 'Literary Friends and Acquaintances', [en]

A Psychological Counter-Current in Recent Fiction, [en]

The Ragged Lady, [en]

Roman Holidays and Others, [en]

Roundabout to Boston, [en]

Seven English Cities , [en]

Literature and Life
Short Stories and Essays, [en]

Studies of Lowell, [en]

Their Silver Wedding Journey, [en]

The White Mr. Longfellow
From 'Literary Friends and Acquaintances', [en]

The March Family Trilogy, [en] 1871

Suburban Sketches , [en] 1871

Their Wedding Journey, [en] 1871

Venetian Life , [en] 1872

A Chance Acquaintance, [en] 1873

A Foregone Conclusion, [en] 1875

The Lady of the Aroostook, [en] 1879

Buying a Horse, [en] 1879

Dr. Breen's Practice, [en] 1881

A Fearful Responsibility and Other Stories, [en] 1881

A Modern Instance, [en] 1882

The Sleeping-Car
A Farce, [en] 1883

Indian Summer, [en] 1885

The Rise of Silas Lapham, [en] 1885

Five O'Clock Tea
Farce, [en] 1885

April Hopes, [en] 1887

The Minister's Charge
The Apprenticeship of Lemuel Barker, [en] 1887

Annie Kilburn
A Novel, [en] 1888

A Boy's Town, [en] 1890

A Hazard of New Fortunes, [en] 1890

Criticism and Fiction, [en] 1891

The Quality of Mercy, [en] 1892

The Albany Depot
A Farce, [en] 1892

A Traveler from Altruria
A Romance , [en] 1892

Christmas Every Day
and Other Stories Told for Children, [en] 1892

A Little Swiss Sojourn, [en] 1893

Evening Dress
Farce, [en] 1893

Bride Roses
A Scene, [en] 1893

The Coast of Bohemia, [en] 1893

A Likely Story, [en] 1894

My Literary Passions, [en] 1895

Italian Journeys, [en] 1895

American Literary Centers
From 'Literature and Life', [en] 1897

Anomalies of the Short Story
From 'Literature and Life', [en] 1897

An Open-Eyed Conspiracy
An Idyl of Saratoga, [en] 1897

The Garotters, [en] 1897

Last Days in a Dutch Hotel
From 'Literature and Life', [en] 1897

The Landlord at Lions Head, [en] 1897

Literature and Life
The Man of Letters as a Man of Business, [en] 1897

Staccato Notes of a Vanished Summer
From 'Literature and Life', [en] 1897

Spanish Prisoners of War
From 'Literature and Life', [en] 1897

Standard Household-Effect Company
From 'Literature and Life', [en] 1897

The Young Contributor
From 'Literature and Life', [en] 1897

The Story of a Play
A Novel, [en] 1898

A Pair of Patient Lovers, [en] 1901

The Kentons, [en] 1902

The Flight of Pony Baker
A Boy's Town Story, [en] 1902

Literary Friends and Acquaintance
a Personal Retrospect of American Authorship, [en] 1902

Questionable Shapes, [en] 1903

London Films , [en] 1906

Quaint Courtships , [en] 1906

Through the Eye of the Needle
A Romance, [en] 1907

Fennel and Rue, [en] 1908

The Whole Family
A Novel by Twelve Authors, [en] 1908

Boy Life
Stories and Readings Selected From The Works of William Dean Howells, [en] 1909

My Mark Twain
From 'Literary Friends and Acquaintances', [en] 1910

The Elevator, [en] 1911

The Parlor Car, [en] 1911

The Register, [en] 1911

Familiar Spanish Travels, [en] 1913

The Daughter of the Storage
And Other Things in Prose and Verse, [en] 1915

Years of My Youth, [en] 1916

The Leatherwood God, [en] 1916

William Dean Howells
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