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George MacDonald

Life: 1824-1905

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Rampolli , [en]

Unspoken Sermons (series 1 to 3), [en]

Cross Purposes and The Shadows, [en]

The Light Princess
and Other Fairy Stories, [en]

Hope of the Gospel, [en]

The Flight of the Shadow, [en]

Phantastes, A Faerie Romance
for Men and Women, [en] 1858

David Elginbrod
The Tutor's First Love, [en] 1862

Portent and Other Stories, The , [en] 1864

Adela Cathcart, vol 2, [en] 1864

A Hidden Life and Other Poems, [en] 1864

Adela Cathcart, vol 1 , [en] 1864

Adela Cathcart, vol 3 , [en] 1864

Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood, [en] 1866

The Golden Key, [en] 1867

Robert Falconer, [en] 1868

Seaboard Parish, vol 1, [en] 1868

Seaboard Parish, vol 2, [en] 1868

Seaboard Parish, vol 3 , [en] 1868

England's Antiphon, [en] 1868

Miracles of Our Lord , [en] 1870

Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood , [en] 1871

At the Back of the North Wind, [en] 1871

The Princess and the Goblin, [en] 1872

The Vicar's Daughter, [en] 1872

Wilfrid Cumbermede , [en] 1872

The History of Gutta-Percha Willie, [en] 1873

Malcolm, [en] 1875

The Wise Woman, [en] 1875

A Double Story, [en] 1875

St. George and St. Michael, [en] 1876

Thomas Wingfold, Curate, vol 1, [en] 1876

Thomas Wingfold, Curate, vol 2, [en] 1876

Thomas Wingfold, Curate, vol 3, [en] 1876

Thomas Wingfold, Curate, [en] 1876

The Marquis of Lossie, [en] 1877

Sir Gibbie, [en] 1879

Paul Faber, Surgeon, [en] 1879

A Book of Strife in the Form of The Diary of an Old Soul, [en] 1880

Mary Marston, [en] 1881

Warlock o' Glenwarlock
A Homely Romance, [en] 1882

Weighed and Wanting, [en] 1882

The Day Boy and the Night Girl
The Romance of Photogen and Nycteris, [en] 1882

The Princess and Curdie, [en] 1883

Donal Grant, [en] 1883

The Tragedie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark - A Study with the Text of the Folio of 1623, [en] 1885

What's Mine's Mine, vol 1, [en] 1886

What's Mine's Mine, vol 2, [en] 1886

What's Mine's Mine, vol 3, [en] 1886

What's Mine's Mine, [en] 1886

Home Again , [en] 1887

The Elect Lady, [en] 1888

A Rough Shaking, [en] 1890

There and Back , [en] 1891

Heather and Snow, [en] 1893

The Poetical Works of George MacDonald, vol 1, [en] 1893

A Dish of Orts, [en] 1893

A Romance, [en] 1896

Salted With Fire, [en] 1897

Far Above Rubies, [en] 1898

Alec Forbes of Howglen, [en] 1900

At the Back of the North Wind, [en] 1914

The Princess and the Goblin, [en] 1920

George MacDonald
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