Captain Mayne Reid

Life: 1818-1883

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Les chasseurs de chevelures, [fr]

The White Chief
A Legend of Northern Mexico, [en]

The Ocean Waifs
A Story of Adventure on Land and Sea, [en]

The Plant Hunters
Adventures Among the Himalaya Mountains, [en]

Wood Rangers
The Trappers of Sonora, [en]

The Wild Huntress
Love in the Wilderness, [en]

The Boy Tar
A Voyage in the Dark, [en]

Popular Adventure Tales, [en]

Ran Away to Sea, [en]

Le cheval sauvage, [fr]

The Young Voyageurs
Boy Hunters in the North, [en]

Les enfants des bois, [fr]

The War Trail
The Hunt of the Wild Horse, [en]

The Quadroon
Adventures in the Far West, [en]

Quadrupeds, What They Are and Where Found
A Book of Zoology for Boys, [en]

The Rifle Rangers
Adventures in South Mexico, [en] 1850

The Desert Home
The Adventures of a Lost Family in the Wilderness, [en] 1851

The Boy Hunters
or, Adventures in Search of a White Buffalo, [en] 1855

The Hunters' Feast
Conversations Around the Camp Fire, [en] 1855

The Bush Boys
History and Adventures of a Cape Farmer and his Family, [en] 1856

The Young Yagers
A Narrative of Hunting Adventures in Southern Africa, [en] 1857

The Grand Bear Hunt, [en] 1860

The Lone Ranch
A Tale of the Staked Plain, [en] 1860

Odd People
Being a Popular Description of Singular Races of Man, [en] 1860

The Scalp Hunters
A Romance of Northern Mexico, [en] 1860

The Cliff Climbers
A Sequel to ''The Plant Hunters'', [en] 1864

The Boy Slaves, [en] 1864

The Boy Slaves, [en] 1865

The Castaways, [en] 1870

The Finger of Fate
A Romance, [en] 1872

The Death Shot
A Story Retold, [en] 1874

The Flag of Distress
A Story of the South Sea, [en] 1876

The Giraffe Hunters, [en] 1876

Gaspar the Gaucho
A Story of the Gran Chaco, [en] 1880

The Lost Mountain
A Tale of Sonora, [en] 1885

The Land of Fire
A Tale of Adventure, [en] 1885

The Free Lances
A Romance of the Mexican Valley, [en] 1888

The Tiger Hunter
A Hero in Spite of Himself, [en] 1889

No Quarter!, [en] 1890

The Headless Horseman
A Strange Tale of Texas, [en] 1892

The White Gauntlet, [en] 1892

A fond de cale, [fr] 1894

Kullankaivajat ja indiaanit
Kertomus Pohjois-Meksikosta, [fi] 1898

The Child Wife, [en] 1905

Gwen Wynn
a romance of the Wye, [en] 1905

The Vee-Boers
A Tale of Adventure in Southern Africa, [en] 1907

Captain Mayne Reid
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