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E. Phillips Oppenheim

Alias: Anthony Partridge
Life: 1866-1946

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The Survivor
or, A Queen of Women, [en]

A Millionaire of Yesterday, [en]

A Monk of Cruta, [en] 1894

The Traitors, [en] 1903

A Prince of Sinners, [en] 1903

Anna the Adventuress, [en] 1904

The Betrayal, [en] 1904

The Master Mummer, [en] 1904

A Maker of History, [en] 1905

Mysterious Mr. Sabin, [en] 1905

A Lost Leader, [en] 1907

Berenice, [en] 1907

The Missioner, [en] 1907

The Malefactor, [en] 1907

The Avenger, [en] 1908

The Governors, [en] 1908

Jeanne of the Marshes, [en] 1909

The Lost Ambassador
The Search For The Missing Delora, [en] 1910

The New Tenant, [en] 1910

To Win the Love He Sought
The Great Awakening: Volume 3, [en] 1910

The Illustrious Prince, [en] 1910

The Moving Finger, [en] 1911

The Double Four, [en] 1911

The Golden Web, [en] 1911

Havoc, [en] 1911

The Lighted Way, [en] 1912

Peter Ruff and the Double Four, [en] 1912

The Tempting of Tavernake, [en] 1912

The Double Life of Mr. Alfred Burton, [en] 1913

The Mischief Maker, [en] 1913

A People's Man, [en] 1914

The Vanished Messenger, [en] 1914

The Black Box, [en] 1915

Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo, [en] 1915

The Double Traitor, [en] 1915

Mr. Marx's Secret, [en] 1916

An Amiable Charlatan , [en] 1916

The Kingdom of the Blind, [en] 1916

The Great Secret, [en] 1917

The Cinema Murder, [en] 1917

The Hillman, [en] 1917

The Yellow Crayon, [en] 1917

The Pawns Count, [en] 1918

The Zeppelin's Passenger, [en] 1918

The Box with Broken Seals, [en] 1919

The Wicked Marquis, [en] 1919

The Devil's Paw, [en] 1920

The Great Impersonation, [en] 1920

Nobody's Man, [en] 1921

Jacob's Ladder, [en] 1921

The Profiteers, [en] 1921

The Great Prince Shan, [en] 1922

The Evil Shepherd, [en] 1922

E. Phillips Oppenheim
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