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Oliver Optic

Alias: William Taylor Adams
Life: 1822-1897

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The Young Lieutenant
or, The Adventures of an Army Officer, [en]

Proud and Lazy
A Story for Little Folks, [en]

Haste and Waste
or, the Young Pilot of Lake Champlain, [en]

All Aboard
or, Life on the Lake, [en] 1855

Now or Never
The Adventures of Bobby Bright, [en] 1856

Poor and Proud
or, The Fortunes of Katy Redburn, [en] 1858

Little By Little
or, The Cruise of the Flyaway, [en] 1860

The Birthday Party
A Story for Little Folks, [en] 1862

Careless Kate
A Story for Little Folks, [en] 1862

The Soldier Boy
or, Tom Somers in the Army, [en] 1864

Watch and Wait
or The Young Fugitives, [en] 1864

Dolly and I
A Story for Little Folks, [en] 1864

Work and Win
or, Noddy Newman on a Cruise, [en] 1865

Outward Bound
Or, Young America Afloat, [en] 1866

Hope and Have
or, Fanny Grant Among the Indians, A Story for Young People, [en] 1866

Breaking Away
or The Fortunes of a Student, [en] 1867

Down The River
Buck Bradford and His Tyrants, [en] 1868

Make or Break
or, The Rich Man's Daughter, [en] 1868

Freaks of Fortune
or, Half Round the World, [en] 1868

Dikes and Ditches
Young America in Holland and Belguim, [en] 1868

Field and Forest
The Fortunes of a Farmer, [en] 1870

Down the Rhine
Young America in Germany, [en] 1870

Desk and Debit
or, The Catastrophes of a Clerk, [en] 1871

Up The Baltic
Young America in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, [en] 1871

Little Bobtail
or The Wreck of the Penobscot., [en] 1872

In School and Out
or, The Conquest of Richard Grant., [en] 1873

The Yacht Club
or The Young Boat-Builder, [en] 1873

The Coming Wave
The Hidden Treasure of High Rock, [en] 1874

Down South
or, Yacht Adventure in Florida, [en] 1880

Up the River
or, Yachting on the Mississippi, [en] 1881

All Adrift
or The Goldwing Club, [en] 1882

Taken by the Enemy, [en] 1888

Within The Enemy's Lines, [en] 1889

On The Blockade, [en] 1890

Stand By The Union, [en] 1891

Fighting for the Right, [en] 1892

Asiatic Breezes
Students on The Wing, [en] 1894

A Victorious Union, [en] 1894

Brother Against Brother
The War on the Border, [en] 1894

Seek and Find
or The Adventures of a Smart Boy, [en] 1895

Across India
Or, Live Boys in the Far East, [en] 1895

A Lieutenant at Eighteen, [en] 1895

The Boat Club
or, The Bunkers of Rippleton, [en] 1896

Four Young Explorers
Sight-Seeing in the Tropics, [en] 1896

An Undivided Union, [en] 1899

Try Again
or, the Trials and Triumphs of Harry West. A Story for Young Folks, [en] 1911

Oliver Optic
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