Anthony Trollope

Life: 1815-1882

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The Kellys and the O'Kellys, [en] 1848

La Vendée , [en] 1850

The Warden, [en] 1855

Barchester Towers, [en] 1857

The Three Clerks, [en] 1858

Doctor Thorne, [en] 1858

Castle Richmond, [en] 1860

Framley Parsonage, [en] 1861

Orley Farm, [en] 1861

North America, vol 1, [en] 1862

North America, vol 2, [en] 1862

Aaron Trow, [en] 1864

An Unprotected Female at the Pyramids, [en] 1864

Chateau of Prince Polignac, [en] 1864

The Courtship of Susan Bell, [en] 1864

George Walker At Suez, [en] 1864

The House of Heine Brothers, in Munich, [en] 1864

John Bull on the Guadalquivir, [en] 1864

La Mere Bauche
from 'Tales from All Countries', [en] 1864

The Man Who Kept His Money In A Box, [en] 1864

Miss Sarah Jack of Spanish Town, [en] 1864

The Mistletoe Bough, [en] 1864

Mrs General Talboys, [en] 1864

O'Conors of Castle Conor, County Mayo, [en] 1864

The Parson's Daughter of Oxney Colne, [en] 1864

Relics of General Chasse
A Tale of Antwerp, [en] 1864

Returning Home, [en] 1864

A Ride Across Palestine, [en] 1864

The Small House at Allington, [en] 1864

Hunting Sketches, [en] 1865

Miss Mackenzie, [en] 1865

Can You Forgive Her?, [en] 1865

The Macdermots of Ballycloran, [en] 1866

The Belton Estate, [en] 1866

The Claverings, [en] 1866

The Last Chronicle of Barset, [en] 1867

Nina Balatka
The Story of a Maiden of Prague, [en] 1867

Linda Tressel, [en] 1867

He Knew He Was Right, [en] 1869

Phineas Finn
The Irish Member, [en] 1869

The Struggles of Brown, Jones, and Robinson
By One of the Firm, [en] 1870

The Vicar of Bullhampton, [en] 1870

Ralph the Heir, [en] 1871

Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite, [en] 1871

The Golden Lion of Granpere, [en] 1872

The Eustace Diamonds, [en] 1873

Phineas Redux, [en] 1873

Lady Anna, [en] 1874

Harry Heathcote of Gangoil
A Tale of Australian Bush-Life, [en] 1874

The Way We Live Now, [en] 1875

The Prime Minister, [en] 1876

The American Senator, [en] 1877

John Caldigate, [en] 1877

Is He Popenjoy?
A Novel, [en] 1879

The Duke's Children, [en] 1879

Thackeray, [en] 1879

Cousin Henry, [en] 1879

An Eye for an Eye, [en] 1879

The Life of Cicero, vol 1, [en] 1880

The Life of Cicero
Volume II., [en] 1881

Ayala's Angel, [en] 1881

Dr. Wortle's School, [en] 1881

Kept in the Dark, [en] 1882

The Fixed Period, [en] 1882

Autobiography of Anthony Trollope, [en] 1883

The Landleaguers, [en] 1883

Mr. Scarborough's Family, [en] 1883

An Old Man's Love, [en] 1884

Anthony Trollope
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