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Amy Yarnell Carter - Decisions Define Our Lives

Upon the passing of Mark Yarnell, legendary public speaker, network marketer and best-selling author, his daughter, Amy Yarnell Carter, decided to write a book about him. She realized that it was her responsibility to teach others why and how Mark Yarnell lived an extraordinary life so that they too could reap the rewards of high-performance decision making. As our Author of the Day, Yarnell tells us what it was like to have Mark Yarnell as a father, talks about the importance about everyday decisions in life and chats about her book, The Yarnell7.

Please give us a short introduction to what The Yarnell7 is about.

The Yarnell 7 is based on the decisions that my dad, Mark Yarnell, made on a daily basis. When he passed away in 2015, I knew that I then had the responsibility to explain why and how he lived such an extraordinary life. He was not only a best-selling author, speaker and legendary network marketer, but most importantly, my dad experienced true LIFE success. His levels of passion and joy and enthusiasm remained high throughout his entire life. The Yarnell 7 provides the powerful seven decisions that he made in the hopes that other people will be able to model him and live extraordinary lives as well.

Why did you decide to write this book now?

In 2015, I knew I had to write this book within the first week after he passed might have been the first 24 hours actually. I had the idea, I had the title. The two-year delay was really due to the mourning process. Though it was a difficult time, I kept working on the ideas presented in this book and finally decided to write it earlier this year.

Why are the decisions we make in life so important?

The decisions that we make define our lives and it is very easy to NOT notice that we are making decisions all day every day within our own minds about the world around us. The Yarnell 7 covers decisions that we should be making all day every day on a very basic level, and in regards to the world around us, but it also explains the importance of the decisions that we make inside of our own minds and how incredibly vital they are to our success. 

Tell us more about Mark Yarnell - what was it like to have him as a father?

I have never met anyone else who is remotely close to being anything like my dad. It is easy to think that this is some kind of daughter-daddy bias but everyone else who knew him, knew he was different as well. His levels of enthusiasm for everything around him were so high that people were drawn to him; if you were spending the afternoon with him, you knew it was going to be an excellent afternoon. I think I may be the luckiest child in the world to be so close to a parent like him. The beauty of this is that although my Dad was so successful and so joyous, I also saw him go through some very difficult times and I say that is beautiful because I was able to see how he made it through those times and how he managed to continue to live an extraordinary life. Of course, that was a decision on his part. All of life is a decision.

What is the Yarnell 7?

The Yarnell 7 outlines and explains the seven fundamental decisions that he made to live an extraordinary life. I can't tell you why it is titled The Yarnell 7 because that would be a spoiler ;)

Besides writing, what other secret skills do you have?

Special skills...I think my number one skill, if you want to call it that, is communication with other human beings. Other than that, I like to sing and dance (most often in my car).

Is it possible to be both successful and happy in life?

It is absolutely possible to be successful and happy in life. Both are decisions that people make and both are attainable and not mutually exclusive.

What was your greatest challenge when writing this book?

My own content editing and second guessing myself was definitely the greatest difficulty. As far as writing about my dad, there are parts that were difficult but I got through them quickly and did not focus on them (which of course, is a decision -smile-).

Do you consider yourself a disciplined writer? Do you have a schedule that you stick to, or is it more in the moment?

I am definitely a disciplined writer. My life is too full of distraction during the day and so I go to bed early and wake up in the wee hours of the morning to write.

Who are you speaking to in the book? Who do you imagine your audience to be?

I am writing to the world in my book. I imagine my audience to be every single person who needs to read the words. In this case, it appears to be the majority. As I grow older, I notice that most people are not living passionate and fulfilling lives and so, when I am writing, I am writing to them. All of them. 

What has most surprised you about the response you've received from readers?

I am overwhelmingly amazed on a daily basis when I read the reviews. The response was just what I was hoping for in that, it appears to be helping others and that is most certainly the goal. We hit #1 New Release in three different categories on the first day. I am thrilled and grateful and hopeful that this will continue to get into the hands (or computers/phones/kindles) that need the words. 

What is the best writing advice you’ve received?

I need to tell you exactly what happened here in order to answer this question. In February, I received an email about a class called Self Publishing School by Chandler Bolt. I knew that the book had to get done and had to be released as soon as possible and so I joined that school. They take you from blank page to publishing. The best advice in regards to writing came from Chandler and that was to sit down and mind map each chapter and then write it. And I mean, DO IT. Mind map the book, mind map the chapter, and then sit at your computer for 30 minutes to an hour and WRITE without looking editing. At that first stage, which is the first draft, do NOT self-edit. Keep going. Sometimes you just need someone to give a little direction to the process and Chandler does a great job with that.

What are you working on right now?

Right now, I am finishing the technical aspects of this particular book. The hard copy is about to be released and so is the audiobook. After that, I am setting up a youtube channel and I may do a kickstart course and an online course. Other than those items (smile), I am planning my next book in my mind. I look at it as a prequel to The Yarnell 7.

Where can our readers discover more of your work or interact with you?

All information about releases is first given to those readers who have given me their email at and we also have an ever-growing Facebook page and of course, if anyone needs to contact me personally, they can by writing me at [email protected]

The Yarnell 7: The Seven Core Decisions for Extraordinary Living

The Yarnell 7: The Seven Core Decisions for Extraordinary Living

Amy Yarnell Carter
The Yarnell 7 enumerates the most powerful decisions made by best-selling author, Mark Yarnell. Written by his daughter, Amy Yarnell Carter, The Yarnell 7 guarantees you to live the extraordinary life that you deserve, if you make the decision to do so.

About the Author

Amy Yarnell Carter is the daughter of legendary best-selling author, public speaker and network marketer Mark Yarnell. Upon his passing in 2015, Amy realized that it was her responsibility to teach others why and how Mark Yarnell lived an extraordinary life so that they too could reap the rewards of high-performance decision making. As the author of The Yarnell 7, she is also releasing The Yarnell 7 blog, podcast and online course. Amy is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and avid reader. She lives with her husband in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.
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