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Eden Ashley - Epic Fantasy Romance

Eden Ashley's character keeps taking a life of their own - even when she wants them to be quiet. They drive and inspire her to write epic fantasy love stories where everything is possible. As our Author of the Day, Ashley talks about how Dark Siren developed into a series and gives us a sneak peek into Banewolf, the second book of the installment.

Please give us a short introduction to what Banewolf is about.

Banewolf is the continuation of an epic love story that begins in Dark Siren (currently available for free download on Amazon, iTunes, B&N). After finally being reunited, Rhane and Kali face some new obstacles and old enemies that threaten to tear them apart. Kali and Rhane each have to face the darkness within them. As events in Banewolf unfold, the bond between Kali and Rhane faces its greatest test yet.

Why wolves? What is it about these creatures that inspire you?

In so many different cultures, there is a ton of rich mythology shared between humans and wolves. I couldn’t resist delving into that. The creatures in my stories aren’t really wolves, but they share the same ferocity and pack mentality when it comes to family. And family happens to be a very central theme in the Dark Siren series.


Why do Kali and Rhane make such a good match?

Without giving too much away, I’ll say that Kali and Rhane are both singular creatures with incredible powers not easily matched by anything else in the paranormal world. In a very important way, their abilities complement each other. It’s almost as if Kali and Rhane couldn’t be with anyone else…even if they tried.

How do you make time to write? And do you sometimes get sidetracked when the idea for a new book hits?

I prefer writing late at night, but I have to just force myself to start putting words down in the late afternoon, as soon as I’m finished with my day job. And yeah, I get sidetracked all the time. Just the other day, I was writing scenes for books not to be published until next year maybe.

Secrets are a central theme throughout the book. Why?

Growing up, I loved reading the sort of stories where the answers weren’t so plainly obvious at the beginning of the book. When characters had a bit of mystery to their motives and backgrounds—or even their abilities—it added to the excitement. I especially appreciate that sort of mysterious element in film and television. So, I guess I just wanted to bring those passions into my writing.

Do some of your characters ever take off on their own path, refusing to do what you originally had planned for them?

Haha. All the time. Characters and stories really do take on a life of their own. Sometimes, I just want them to be quiet, but they refuse to do that too.

Did you know right from the start you were going to make this into a series?

Nope. Dark Siren was originally a one book story. Then I fed it to a beta reader who said it seemed shallow and under finished…like there was so much to the story that wasn’t being told. So, I stripped Dark Siren to the bare bones and started over. Thus, the series was born. Even then, I wanted to stop at three books, but it wasn’t possible. The mythology had taken on a life of its own and there was simply too much remaining to be told. Kali and Rhane’s journey wasn’t finished, so a fourth book was needed.

Besides writing, what other secret skills do you have?

I’m an excellent trip planner. That’s a great thing because I have a terrible case of wanderlust.


Tell us about your writing habits - time of day, do you work from notes, have a favorite writing spot?

I have a desk, but I rarely write there. I prefer being at local cafes or at home on the couch when it’s quiet and I can enjoy a cup (or three) of coffee...or wine. I do have notes, but they’re less of an outline and more like scenes that have spilled from my brain and need to be added somewhere within the story. I also keep notes of major plot threads that should be continued, resolved, or otherwise not forgotten. As for the time of day--I’m a night owl, so I dredge up the best stuff late at night when most normal people are sound asleep.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not writing?

I love binge watching Netflix and Hulu, even when I should be writing. It’s terrible. I know. Brunch and traveling are two other favorite pastimes.

What are you working on right now?

I’m currently working on an urban paranormal fantasy, filled with tons of unusual creatures and an exciting new mythology.  It’s spicy though…and violent. Whereas Dark Siren and Banewolf can be recommended for teen readers, my current WIP is definitely not for the kiddies!

Where can our readers discover more of your work or interact with you?

I absolutely love chatting with readers. Shoot a note to [email protected]. Or message me on Facebook I don’t post to my blog as often as I should, but some readers reach out to me there too! Whatever the avenue, I always write back!



Eden Ashley
A tale of love, betrayal, and heartbreaking secrets between Kalista, a teenager who largely lacks understanding of the powerful creature contained within her, and Rhane, the mysterious man from her forgotten past.

About the Author

Eden Ashley currently resides in a tiny, southern town filled with endless sunshine. Unfortunately, it's the thunderstorms that inspire her best ideas. When not daydreaming about her next novel, Eden can be found curled up with a musty old paperback and a cup of coffee...or mired deeply in her next plot to take over the world. She enjoys reading or watching anything with supernatural or science fiction undertones, so blending those elements into romantic story lines is something she's passionate about.
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