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Author of the Day Archive

Kathleen C. Perrin - Experiencing History Up Close and Personal

Frequently wandering the stone streets of Mont Saint Michel in France as a tour guide has given author Kathleen C. Perrin a unique insight and special bond with the place. It has also allowed her to channel her passion for the place into her young adult historical paranormal series, The Watchmen Saga. In this interview she talks about her muse, how she retraces the footsteps of her characters to better understand them and the hardships of life in 15th-century France.

A. W. Exley - Author Who Loves Egyptology, Steampunk and Sidesaddles

When A.W. Exley isn't deciphering hieroglyphs or riding her horse sidesaddle, she is thinking up plots for her next best-seller. Nefertiti's Heart is a beautiful mixture of all Exley's passions in life, set in a Steampunk society, featuring a very Egyptian theme. As our Author of the Day, she chats with us about her fascination with Egypt, why she picked an alternate universe for Nefertiti and how she shaped the book.

Dean M. Cole - Combat Pilot, Biker, World Traveler, Sci-Fi Author

When Dean M. Cole isn't writing award-winning novels, he works as a commercial helicopter pilot, builds custom choppers and airplanes or travels the world with his trusty sidekick and wife, Donna. In this interview Cole tells us how his combat experience influence his books and gives us some behind-the-scenes insights in his thrilling book, Sector 64: Ambush

Mary Jane Morgan - Horses, Conflict and Love, the Perfect Mix for Great Romance

Mary Jane Morgan published her first romance novel 15 years ago and is still going strong today with the latest in her repertoire: Crystal Springs Homecoming Romances. Most of the books in this series boast near-perfect Amazon review scores and the first book, Long Road Home, is no exception. In this interview, Morgan reveals what makes her characters so relatable, where she finds her inspiration and talks about her love for horses.

M.L. Gardner - Frugal Author Fascinated by the Great Depression

M.L Gardner is back with Drifter, book four in her popular 1929 series, which follows a certain group of characters through the Great Depression. When she is not working feverishly on one of her latest historical novels, she is woodworking, cooking food from scratch, canning fruit or taking care of her three kids and three cats. Today she tells us about her fascination with the Great Depression, how 1929 became a series and why she wrote Drifter.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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