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Zan Perrion - Beauty is all Around us

Zan Perrion is internationally recognized as one of the most original and insightful voices on relationships and seduction in the world today. He is a firm believer that relationship games are not needed. That the art of seduction relies on truth, not pretence. As our Author of the Day, Perrion tells us more about his philosophy and his latest book, The Alabaster Girl.

C.S. Taylor - WWII Like You Haven't Experienced it Before

C.S. Taylor is a former Marine and enjoys all things WWII, especially perfecting his dogfighting skills inside virtual cockpits. When he stumbled upon an article dealing with the Night Witches, a group of female pilots in the read Army, he was intrigued, and his research inspired his book, Nadya's War. As our Author of the Day, Taylor tells us more about what he discovered about these exceptional women and how his book ended up exploring WWII from a different viewpoint.

Matthew Rozell - History is Just one Person Away

Matthew Rozell has a knack for engaging his audience and bringing history to life. Most recently, he has been rewarded the New York State Education Department's Yavner Teaching Award for Distinguished Contributions to Teaching the Holocaust and Human Rights. The Things Our Fathers Saw is a book that has been 25 years in the making. He has interviewed many WWII veteran and documented their stories and, in this book, brought them to life. As our Author of the Day, Rozell tells us all about it.

Ian Bull - Action-packed Global Thrillers

Ian Bull’s books are page-turning, action-packed thrillers that start in Hollywood, spread across California and then careen around the globe. Six Passengers, Five Parachutes is no exception - this global thriller explores the darker side of the TV industry. This book brings a lot of realism and detail thanks to the author's own experience in the industry. As our Author of the Day, Bull tells us more about how his background as a TV editor influences his work, gives us some insights into his book and reveals who his characters are based on.

Amanda McKinney - Sexy Mysteries that Evoke a mix of Emotions

Amanda McKinney likes to write books that evoke a whole range of emotions from her readers: fear, anticipation, suspense, lust, humor - you name it. As our Author of the Day, McKinney reveals why she walked away from her day job to become a writer and talks about her love for small, Southern towns and why she uses this setting to create an enchanting, creepy atmosphere.

Amy Impellizzeri - Surviving Loss and Grief with Resilience

Amy Impellizzeri is a reformed corporate litigator and award-winning author who survived a plane crash on her residential New York corner two months after 9/11. Her book, Secrets of Worry Dolls, while completely fictional, arises from the real life survival stories of that day. As our Author of the Day, Impellizzeri reveals how her experience shaped her writing, why she included Mayan Worry Dolls in her story and much more.

David J. Pedersen - Fantasy, a Mid-Life Crisis and a Hero Story

David J. Pedersen grew up reading coming of age stories about young men and women who had great powers and no direction until they receive a quest to become a hero. His 40-year old protagonist got passed up on all of that - he's going through a midlife crisis and knows that the only thing that will make him happy is to become the knight in shining armor. As our Author of the Day, Pedersen tells us more about his Angst novels and reveals why his wife says the first book is an autobiography.

John Egenes - Coast to Coast on Horseback

John Egenes has been a musician, a saddlemaker, a dog catcher, and a hobo, among other things. He is producing albums for people these days, and playing various instruments on records for artists all over the world. But what not many of his friends don't know about Egenes, is that he crossed the United States, coast to coast, from California to Virginia, with his horse, Gizmo back in 1974. As our Author of the Day, Egenes tells us all about his journey and the book he wrote about it.

Kilby Blades - Describing Romance Between High Achievers

When Kilby Blades looks at her peer group, she sees dating disasters, relationship problems, and divorce. This made her want to tell the truth about what love and romance really looks like for high-achieving people and Snapdragon was born. A romance novel unlike any other, where two people are in a relationship that could be defined on its own terms rather that following the formulaic path: "first comes love, then comes marriage..." As our Author of the Day, Blades tells us all about the book and how she made it into the top 5 in romance and top 35 across genres.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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