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Author of the Day Archive

J.L. Delozier - Inspired by Malaria

A medical article about malaria inspired J.L. Delozier to write a book about a virus that attacks by blood type. As a child, Delozier dreamt about becoming an author, but she became a doctor instead. She however never abandoned her dream and combines her passion for both medicine and storytelling in riveting thrillers. As our Author of the Day, Delozier talks about her latest novel, Type & Cross, her fascination with medicine and science and how she doesn't plan her books.

Mary Pflum Peterson - Family Secrets, Mothers and Daughters

As a television journalist, Mary Pflum Peterson has seen it all. She has covered everything from Hurricane Katrina to royal weddings to war in Afghanistan, which is why she didn't think her family history was particularly interesting. Until she took a writing class and her instructor and classmates convinced her to write about her childhood and the story of her mother, a former nun who married a closeted gay man and was a compulsive hoarder. As our Author of the Day, Pflum Peterson gives us more insights into the quirks of her family history and talks about how White Dresses has brought mothers and daughters closer together.

Jack Kregas - Inspired by Dreams, Imagination and Experience

Since he started writing, Jack Kregas plays less golf and poker, but has a lot more fun - and so do his readers. Kregas has a very interesting life, and after publishing his first novel, an autobiography, he realized that writing is all about telling stories. He hasn't stopped writing ever since. As our Author of the Day, Kregas tells us how his own experiences and his dreams shape his writing and reveals why his novel, Mystical Glasses, was an accidental thriller.

Karen Long - Writing Fascinating Whydunnits

Karen Long is fascinated by the intricacies of a twisted mind - she writes dark mysteries, which are more "whydunnits" than "whodunnits." Long aims to keep her books as authentic as possible and would really go and seek out the experiences she writes about in her books in order to describe it as realistically as possible. As our Author of the Day, Long tells us about her interest in human psychology, reveals why she picked Toronto as the backdrop for The Safe Word and gives us some more insights into the character of Eleanor Raven.

Dan Waddell - Genealogy, Crime and Dark Humor

Dan Waddell used to think genealogy was a boring, fusty subject - until he started digging into his own family history after his son was born. This inspired the award-winning author of the guide that accompanied the BBC TV series Who Do You Think You Are? to make the leap to crime fiction. He wrote The Blood Detective, which was nominated for three debut awards and published in five countries. As our Author of the Day, Waddle reveals why he got hooked on genealogy, why he chose an unlikely hero for his book and talks about having a chat with Elvis.

Hannah Howe - Writing Bestselling Mysteries

Best-selling author, Hannah Howe, was sitting at her desk, scribbling notes trying to write a mystery when Sam Smith came to her. This character truly came alive and halfway through the book, Howe realized that this was going to be a series. Twelve books later, the Sam Smith Mystery Series is a bestseller on Amazon and a favorite in the genre for many readers. As our Author of the Day, Howe tells us more about Sam's character, how her background in psychology influences her work and gives us more insights in the creation of Sam's Song, the first book in the series.

Dean M. Cole - Humanity, Loneliness and Apocalypse

What would you do if you had to discover you were the only human on Earth? This thought inspired Dean Cole to write Solitude, a apocalyptic sci-fi that reminds readers of The Martian and Gravity. When he isn't writing, Cole enjoys his day job as a commercial pilot and also builds custom motorcycles and air planes. As our Author of the Day, Cole tells us more about Solitude, reveals which actors he would have picked to play in a movie adaptation and gives us a sneak peek into what he is working on now.

Alex Lukeman - Indiana Jones Meets 007

Alex Lukeman is a former Marine and psychotherapist who enjoys riding old, fast motorcycles, playing guitar and writing riveting thrillers. His The Project series, stars a covert counter-terrorism unit that takes readers on action-packed adventures that can be likened to those in the Bond, Bourne and Indiana Jones books. As our Author of the Day, Lukeman reveals why he likes to write about ancient mysteries and impending nuclear war, what he does in his spare time and how his experience as a Marine and psychotherapist inspired his work.

Kim Richardson

Kim Richardson fell in love with fantasy when she first read The Hobbit in Grade 5. She started writing her own stories about heroes and quests packed with action, adventure and magic and today she is an award-winning author. As our Author of the Day, Richardson tells us more about her Divided Realms series, her writing habits and what she is working on right now.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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