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Author of the Day Archive

Laurel Gord - Taking On the Pacific Trail

Laurel Gord wrote about a day of her trip on the Pacific Crest Trail as a writing exercise - it ended up turning into a book. A book that revealed so much more about her inner thoughts and the love story between her and her husband than she initially intended. As our author of the day, Gord talks about her book, Waking Up in a Tent and about the personal growth she experienced during the trip.

Andy Fitz - Fast-Paced Thriller With a Reluctant Werewolf

As the son of a librarian, Andy Fitz grew up with a love of books and reading. His masters in Urban Planning, pays the bills, but during a creative writing course at the Writer’s Loft in Chicago, he was inspired to write a novel. His fascination with the backstreets of Chicago inspired A Wolf Like Me, a dark and gritty thriller about a reluctant Werewolf. As our Author of the Day, Fitz tells us all about it.

David Archer - Watching Your Characters Evolve

David Archer likes to hit deep, keep you entertained, and leave you wanting MORE with every turn of the page. His Noah Wolf thrillers are no exception - he managed to make a hero who has spent most of his life without the ability to feel the natural emotions of those around him very relatable. As our Author of the Day, Archer reveals how team Camelot came into existence, why he created Noah Wolf the way he is and talks about the role of assassins.

Kate Sterritt - Romance Without Any Cookie Cutter Characters

When Kate Sterritt is not busy juggling soccer trainings, play dates and volunteering at her kids' school, she makes time to write the types of novels she enjoys reading. Sterritt does not believe in cookie-cutter characters, but creates protagonists that feel real to her. As our Author of the Day, Sterrit talks about her book, Collision, reveals how she worked with an ex-cage fighter to create realistic fighting scenes and how she was inspired by a large, stone farmhouse.

Ginger Chambers - Authentic Texas Romance

As a proud native of Texas, Ginger Chambers loves writing stories featuring cowboys, wilful women and the beauty of Texas Hill Country. Chambers likes to keep her work authentic, so you won't find shirtless cowboys on her book covers. As our Author of the Day, she tells us all about her West Texans series, reveals her secret skills and talks about Mae Parker, the matchmaker who features in many of her books.

Beth Troy - When Life Doesn't Go According To Plan

Beth Troy became a Christian during the first semester of her freshman year in collage and, as an avid reader, was eager to discover Christian fiction. She headed to the bookstore, hoping to find a story about a girl like herself, but only discovered a sea of bonnets and horses.This experience inspired her to later write her debut novel, Lu. As our Author of the Day, Troy tells us about Lu's character, why she picked a small town setting for the book and much more.

Ben Leybovich - Everything You Need to Know About House Hacking

Ben Leybovich is a real estate investor, author, speaker and entrepreneur who has discovered the power of House Hacking. As this technique outperformed all of his projections, he decided that it was something that needed to be shared with others. In his book, House Hacking, he does exactly that. As our Author of the Day, he chats about his experiences with house hacking, explains how one can live for free with this strategy and tells us who would benefit from this book.

George A. Santino - Never Give Up

From a very young age, George A. Santino realized that if you wanted something, you had to work for it - even if that meant digging for soda bottles in trash cans. This attitude got him far in life - he received four rejections from Microsoft before they employed him in an entry level position. Years later, he made partner and managed to retire at age 55. As our author of the day, Santino tells us more about his autobiography and what it takes to get back up in life.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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