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Author of the Day Archive

Lisa Dawn Wadler - 15th Century Lairds and Modern Women

Lisa Wadler likes to write stories that feature strong alpha-male heroes and women who are able to take care of themselves physically. Sparks usually fly - resulting in riveting romance in a historical setting. As our Author of the Day, Wadler tells us why she feels drawn to Scotland, talks about her latest book, The Draig's Wife and reveals what she is working on next.

Deborah Brunt - Recognizing Mistakes From the Past

Deborah Brunt grew up with a profound awareness of the taboo subjects in her church culture. She worked inside the Southern Baptist denominational structure for seven years and We Confess is her attempt to identify and own the ungodly attitudes and behaviors that her church culture adopted in the years after the Second Great Awakening. As our Author of the Day, Brunt talks about her book and reveals why she feels a confession is necessary.

M.L. Ryan - Posessed Kindles, Rat Milking and More

Scientist by day, science fiction-urban fantasy author by night, M.L. Ryan has many stories rolling around in her head. After just purchasing her Kindle, she started imagining what it would be like if it came with some fiendish polgergeist spirit. This resulted in her book, Special Offers. As our Author of the Day, Ryan tells us more about the inspiration for her book and reveals some of her secret skills.

Erik Henry Vick - Plunging Readers Face-First Into Evil

Erik Henry Vick happens to be disabled by an autoimmune disease (also known as his Personal Monster™) and writes to hang on to the few remaining shreds of his sanity. He writes mostly dark fantasy and horror, such as Devils, his latest collection of short stories. As our Author of the Day, Vick reveals the inspiration behind this book and talks about how he likes to scare his protagonists and his readers.

Abby Smith - Mysterious Magic that Ponders Big Questions

In her career, Abby Smith designs and builds large databases with hundreds of tables and complex relationships. But according to her, writing a book was much, much harder. Pettikin the gnome came to her while she was scrubbing her bathtub. As our Author of the Day, Smith tells us more about Pettikin and what it takes to write softer, more mysterious magic, that ponders big questions with unknowable answers.

Tom Julian - The Best Movie You Will Ever Read

When Tom Julian isn't busy supporting research in to new cancer drugs he likes to watch sci-fi movies play out in his mind and then pen them down, shaping them into epic books. Timberwolf is no exception and Julian hopes that this will be the best movie his readers have ever read! As our Author of the Day, Julian gives us a behind-the-scenes look into what it took to create this book, talks about how his screenwriting background influenced his writing and reveals how he breathes life into his characters.

D.L. Young - The Republic of Texas in a Dystopian World

Award-winning author, D.L. Young, was born and raised in Texas -- which is why it wasn't a weird thing for his imagination to create a sci-fi series set in the dystopian Republic of Texas. With a kick-ass female lead with special abilities, you just can't go wrong and Soledad: Dark Republic Book One has been very well received. Today, Young chats to us about how he is an obsessive planner, why his book contains so many moral dilemmas and why he made Texas an independent nation.

James Rosone - Writing Realistic Military Fiction

James Rosone has spent thousands of hours actually talking and interrogating real Al Qaeda terrorists. He knows what it is like to be shelled during a mortar attack, hear 122mm katyusha rockets hit nearby your building or be under fire in a Blackhawk helicopter. All of these experiences have influenced Rosone's ability to convey the realism in his stories, and Prelude to World War III is no exception. As our Author of the Day, Rosone talks about the series, reveals his secret skills and how he manages to keep his readers hooked throughout the book.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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