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Lawrence Kelter - Murder Mystery With Plenty lots of Thrills

Lawrence Kelter never expected to be a writer. In fact, he was voted the student least likely to step foot into a library. Well, times change, and he has now authored several novels including the internationally best-selling Stephanie Chalice, and Chloe Mather Thriller Series. As our Author of the Day, Kelter tells us all about his latest book, Don't Close Your Eyes."

William Timothy Murray - Epic Fantasy with a Relatable Hero

William Timothy Murray was born and raised in a small town of the American Deep South and now lives in the Appalachian foothills of northeast Georgia. He enjoys stargazing, tinkering with an old sailboat, and listening to music. He keeps a small writing desk in an old barn. There, amid a clutter of maps, drawings, and books, his memories and experiences join with all the tales he has read to inform and disturb his pen. As our Author of the Day, Murray tells us all about his latest novel, The Bellringer.

Miranda J. Chivers - Exploring the Challenges of an Unequally Yoked Marriage

The challenges of the unequally yoked marriage are best understood by someone who has lived this life. Miranda J. Chivers draws her knowledge from both her forty years of experience in two marriages and counseling individuals in her former social work career. An avid researcher and student of the Bible, she is fascinated by cultural diversity and social differences. As our Author of the Day, Chivers tells us all about her book, Unequally Yoked: Staying committed to Jesus and Your Unbelieving Spouse.

Richard Haight - Removing the Limiting Conditions of Perception

Richard L. Haight is an instructor of meditation, healing, and martial arts, and he is the author of The Unbound Soul: A Spiritual Memoir for Personal Transformation and Enlightenment. He began his path of awakening at age eight when he made a solemn promise in a vision to dedicate his life to enlightenment and to share what he found with the world. At the age of 24, Haight moved to Japan to advance his training with masters of the sword, staff, and jujutsu. During his 15 years living in Japan, Haight was awarded masters licenses in four samurai arts as well as a traditional healing art called Sotai-ho. As our Author of the Day, Haight gives us some insights in his latest book: Inspirience: Meditation Unbound: The Unconditioned Path to Spiritual Awakening.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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