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Author of the Day Archive

Mariah McKenzie - Getting More Out of Life

Maria McKenzie decided to write an autobiography when it dawned on her that if she helped even one person through similar challenging territory, it would be worth it. On it’s face More is the story of a husband and wife regaining intimacy after infidelity and of a woman overcoming debilitating PTSD derived from childhood trauma. The journey takes the couple on a year long “Love & Ecstasy” training, where they discover sacred sexuality can be a doorway not only to physical and emotional intimacy but also to the divine mystery of life. As our Author of the Day, McKenzie tells us all about it.

Susan-Alia Terry - Writing About the Devil we Don't Know

Susan-Alia Terry's writing is compelled by the desire to entertain herself and her readers. In her paranormal fantasy, Coming Darkness, Terry writes an unusual story in which Lucifer is not entirely the bad guy, but a character that could love and be loved. As our Author of the Day, Terry tells us all about the inspiration behind this book, how she created her characters and her life as a writer.

Simon Clark - Creating Horrific Viking Warrior Vampires

Simon Clark lives in Doncaster, South Yorkshire and his stories have been published in Darklands 2, Dark Voices 5 and The Year's Best Horror Stories. His work has been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and he has also written some prose for U2. In his latest horror novel, Vampyrrhic, Clark brought horrific viking warriors from long ago to the shores of England in the form of undead vampires. As our Author of the Day, he tells us all about it.

William A. Liggett - Action-packed Cli-Fi

Some of Bill Liggett's earliest memories are of climbing over the rocks near their family cabin in the mountains. He has always had a love for nature and a keen interest in science, which inspired him to start writing books in the "cli-fi" genre, where behavioral and earth sciences are blended to create riveting fiction. As our Author of the Day, Liggett talks about his book, Watermelon Snow, his research and reveals why he put a positive spin on a book about global warming.

C.A. Huggins - Horror, Apocalypse and Pack Attack Coyotes

C.A. Huggins has always been a big fan of the sci-fi, horror and post-apocalyptic genres but always wanted to create his own universe with a different take on your typical heroes and villains. He did exactly that in Scattered Screams. As our author of the day, he chats about familial relationships and why they are so important in this book and explains why he added pack attack coyotes to the mix.

Lyle Howard - Transcending Time

Lyle Howard does not consider himself to be a romance novelist, but he wanted to write about the possibilities of love transcending time. It's About Time was born and the book was an immediate hit, also receiving a Benjamin Franklin Digital Award Silver Honoree. As our Author of the Day, Howard tells us more about the book, explains why he started the story the way he did and chats about interesting things such as time travel and immortality.

Patrick Kanouse - Keeping Readers Guessing

Patrick Kanouse likes to test his mysteries on his wife - if he can keep her guessing throughout the book, he knows he has a good story. The Shattered Bull is one such a mystery that also contains a lot of intrigue - Kanouse's complex characters take his readers on an emotional roller ride. As our author of the day, Kanouse reveals why he picked Chicago as the backdrop for the book and talks about his journey as an author.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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