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Author of the Day Archive

Phil Ward - Military Fiction About WWII Raiding Forces

Phil Ward writes what he knows - military fiction. As a highly decorated combat veteran and former instructor at the US Army Ranger School, Ward has always wanted to write about the forerunner of the Rangers, the British Commandos. After a lot of research into WWII history, Ward published the first book in the Raiding Forces Series, Those Who Dare. It has been such a success that he is now working on book 10 in the series. As our Author of the Day, Ward chats about the history behind the book, reveals how many of the characters are based on real life people and talks about his combat experience.

Jiffy Kate - Tag Teaming Southern Romance

Jiffy Kate is a writing duo, Jiff Simpson and Jenny Kate Altman, who likes write Southern romance. The two authors are equally talented, but never write solo. They rather tag team on books while working on multiple projects at once. The team likes to think out of the box and where they usually keep their books light and humorous, The Other One is a bit more dark and gritty. As our Authors of the Day, Jiffy Kate reveals how it came about that they started writing together, talks about their writing habits and what we can expect from them next.

Randall Dale - Writing About The Horses He Knew

Randall Dale enjoys to write what he knows - horses. Growing up on a ranch, with a father who was an exceptional horseman, Dale always had a deep love and respect for horses. His experience with these magnificent creatures compelled him to tell their stories - which ended up in a book meant for his closest family. Pardner's Trust however gained so much popularity that Dale decided to publish the book - it became an award-winning bestseller and the first of a series. As our author of the day, Dale talks about the ranch life, his experience with horses and how he conceived the characters of Rickey and Pardner.

E.J. Powell - Gore, Tension and the Supernatural Infused With Comedy and Romance.

When E.J. Powell isn't busy sewing a new ball gown for someone's prom or wedding, she writes beautiful fiction. Powell likes to infuse the supernatural, gore and tension and break it up with sprinkles of light comedy, steamy and tender romance to keep her readers on a constant roller coaster ride. As our author of the day, Powell reveals how she used the creation story as inspiration for Dark Touch, talks about the other books in the series and how she conceived her characters.

Diane Barnes - Making You Think About Love and Fate

Diane Barnes loves to be enveloped by the smell of chocolate while she writes about love, fate and many other things that makes her readers think deeper about life. Her book, Waiting for Ethan, was the result of the NANOWRIMO challenge, committing to writing 50,000 words in the month of November. As our Author of the Day, Barnes chats about true love, reveals why she allows her characters to make some very bad choices and why she chose to write about an older heroine.

Matt Leatherwood Jr. - Creating Intricate, Fast-paced Thrillers

Matt Leatherwood Jr. enjoys taking complicated themes and simplifying it in a fast-paced story. During a writing course, Leatherwood received a photo of an attractive woman with the task to create her backstory. This lead to the birth of Nikki Frank, the main character of Complicity in Heels. As our Author of the Day, Leatherwood chats about who Nikki really is, how his experiences as a U.S. Marine shaped his writing and reveals why he wrote about money laundering.

Dr. Karen Gurney - The Secret to Doubling Job Interviews

After helping a job candidate who could barely get a call on his resume to get over 500 Linkedin connections and four job interviews within one week (without applying for a single job), Dr. Karen Gurney decided that it was time to share her secret with the world. Growing up in Cleveland, dr. Karen Gurney has seen a city in decline and experienced its rebirth. Driven by her passion for the job market, Gurney soon earned a Ph.D. in Economic Development and Workforce Development. As our Author of the Day, Dr. Gurney reveals some of her secrets with us, chats about the course that accompanies the book and her aspirations to become the Suze Orman of career coaching.

Kathleen McCormick - Infusing Religion, Sexuality and Imagination in a Humorous Coming of Age Story

Storytelling has been a part of Kathleen McCormick's life for as long as she could remember. As a child, she believed that stories had the power to keep people safe. Family gatherings were filled with stories, and every aspect of them enthralled her. Her own childhood and vivid imagination inspired her award-winning book Dodging Satan, a humorous coming of age story that explores religion, sexuality and family relationships. As our author of the day, McCormick reveals why she was ecstatic when she first discovered Bible stories, talks about her own childhood, Irish and Italian culture clashes and much more.

Ezekiel Nieto Benzion - Sharing the Real Stories of the Jews

Ezekiel Nieto Benzion grew up listening to his grandfather's stories about the Jews. Those stories painted a very different picture from the meek victims in the Holocaust pictures we often get to see. After his grandfather's passing, Benzion realized that he was the last one to know some of those stories and that they needed to be shared with the world. As our author of the day, Benzion chats about his family, about strong, defiant fighters and how he picked and visited the locations in his book.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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