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Jennette Green - When Books Call to be Written

Jennette Green discovered a love for writing in the second grade. She had stories in her mind that were simply calling to be written. The Kaavl series is one such a story, which has been with her since she was eighteen. As our Author of the Day, Green reveals how many times she rewrote Kaavl Conspiracy, how her books come together and gives a sneak peek into what we can expect from her next.

L.B. Johnson - A Labrador Changed Her Life

Author L.B. Johnson has travelled the world, knows exactly how to fly a jet and crack tough cases, but she had no idea what she was getting herself into when she adopted Barkley, a beautiful Labrador with a wide grin. In a tribute to her dog, she wrote a memoir, The Book of Barkley - Love and Life Through the Eyes of a Labrador Retriever. Today she chats with us about what inspired this memoir, her surprise when it became a #1 Amazon Bestseller and how Barkley changed her life.

Susan May - Writing Thrillers by The Seat of Her Pants

Susan May has known she wanted to be an author since she was only four years old. Life got in the way, but now she is finally living the dream and writing full-time... that is between being a mom, a wife, a movie critic, a guest speaker on a weekly radio show and running her own podcast. In today's interview, May talks about her collection of short stories, Behind Dark Doors, reveals how she motivates herself to write and how she has no idea where her story will travel once she starts writing.

C A A Allen - From Hip Hop To Epic Fantasy

C. A. A. Allen was still busy making a name for himself as a manager and publicist in the hip-hop scene when he got bit by the literary bug. However, it wasn’t until he took a hiatus from music that he began writing The Cave Maze, an epic fantasy book. With its diverse and distinct cast of characters and compelling setting, it is a tale that will appeal to everyone from fans of epic fantasy to role-playing gamers. Today we chat with Allen about the innovative magic system he came up with for the book, the fascinating residents of his maze and his secret skills.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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