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Author of the Day Archive

Chris Karlsen - Knights, Time Travel and Romance

When Chris Karlsen explores the world around her, she likes to stop and imagine herself in the same place, but during a different time. Growing up with a history professor as a father, writing against a historical backdrop was a no-brainer to Karlsen. She also mixes in some time travel, romance and action, which is why it is not surprising that her Knights in Time series has become wildly popular.

Soraya Naomi - Danger, Passion and Forbidden Love

Soraya Naomi enjoys stories with a lot of passion, a touch of danger and a dash of forbidden love. The books from her Chicago Syndicate series contain all of these elements and it is not surprising that the series has become wildly popular as a result. As our author of the day, Naomi chats with us about her characters, how she uses humor in her books and how she would like to have lunch with Stephen King.

Jen Talty – Skillfully Mixing Romance And Suspense

Romance and suspense are the two cornerstones of author Jen Talty’s work and her book Two Weeks is no exception. It is the first in her NY State Trooper series and features seduction, stalking and plenty of intrigue. Today we talk to Jen about her inspiration for the book, how she manages to fit writing into her busy schedule and just what it is about men in uniform that make them so irresistible.

Justin Sloan - Putting Military Experience Into a Fantasy World

Author Justin Sloan drew from his own military training to write his Falls of Redemption Fantasy books. When he is not working on the latest fantasy novel, he collaborates with other authors on stories for video games or screenplay adaptations of successful books. As our author of the day Sloan chats with us about his five years with the Marines, why he placed his own experiences in Ancient Greece and what other exciting projects he is working on.

Cary Allen Stone - Psychological Thrillers with Heart

Author Cary Allen Stone is fascinated with what makes criminals tick. In life, things are rarely black or white and readers of his award-winning Jake Roberts novels find themselves rooting for both the hero and anti-hero. Today, Stone reveals to us how an interview with a mother who murdered her six-year- old son made him want to tell his stories from a different perspective, why he doesn't write murder mysteries and how his job as a pilot influenced his writing.

Marc Mulero - Action-packed Dystopian Sci-Fi

When Marc Mulero isn't hard at work in the business force (or the Spock-side of this world, as he calls it), he indulges in flights of fantasy through his writing. His debut novel, Unearthed, is action-packed, intense and thought-provoking. As our author of the day, Mulero reveals how the main character Blague came to exist, how he defines the rules for his world and which actors he would like to see in Unearthed, should it ever get a movie adaptation.

A.S. Fenichel - Trading IT for Historical, Paranormal and Contemporary Romance

A.S. Fenichel didn’t let a successful IT career in New York City stand in the way of her lifelong dream of becoming a professional writer and it is a gamble that paid off. Love, magic, mayhem, passion and desire can all be found in her stories, making them firm favorites with readers. Today we talk to Andrea about her book, Ascension, what made her decide to become a writer, and what her average writing day looks like.

D. L. Orton – Darkly Comedic Dystopian Love Story

Author D.L Orton conceived the idea for her epic time travelling novel, Crossing In Time, after a chance encounter with her husband’s ex-girlfriend at a wedding reception. It is a book that is both action-packed and darkly comedic, with some edge-of-your seat plot twists as well. Today we talk to D.L. about what it is that fascinates her about science fiction, which character was the most challenging to create and what fans can expect from her next.

Sophia Elaine Hanson - Gritty Dystopian Fiction With Clashing Concepts

Music is an important part of author Sophia Elaine Hanson’s life, which is why it also plays a big role in her dark, gritty, dystopian novel, Vinyl. The book is the first in a trilogy and features plenty of twists and turns along with flawed, but very relatable characters. Today we talk to Sophia about how music has helped her find her strength, the reaction of readers to Vinyl and her surprising secret skill.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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