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Libby Fischer Hellmann - Bringing Ellie Foreman Back

Libby Fischer Hellmann is a versatile award winning author, who, although she sticks to crime fiction with a lot of mystery and suspense, enjoys exploring different aspects of the genre. She has written everything from an amateur sleuth series to historical thrillers, romantic suspense and even a cozy mystery. Today, Libby talks about her book, Jump Cut, why she decided to bring Ellie Foreman back after ten years and how she never planned to become a writer.

John Pearce - Part-Time Parisian

Pearce's debut novel, Treasure of Saint-Lazare, received rave reviews, reached a #29 of all Kindle books on Amazon and was picked as the best historical mystery of the year by Readers' Favorite. In this interview, Pearce gives us some behind-the-scenes insights in the creation of Treasure of Saint-Lazare, talks about art and how the city of Paris is a main character in his books.

Vickie McKeehan - Romantic Suspense with a lot of Heart

Vickie McKeehan is known for her heartwarming romance novels filled with mystery and suspense that keep readers at the edge of their seats. Her novels have consistently appeared on Amazon's Top 100 lists in Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense. Today we chat with McKeehan about The Bones of Others (first book in the excellent Skye Cree series), how she uses Native American legends in her books and why you might find her dancing in the line at Starbucks.

Please give us a short summary of The Bones of Others

Some monsters live in your head. Not this one.

Lisa Consiglio Ryan - Making Healthy Living Easy

When Lisa Consiglio Ryan isn't cooking up deliciously healthy food, doing yoga, advising people on living a clean lifestyle or working on her WELLness popup shop, she shares her knowledge with the world through her books. After suffering from a growing amount of health-destroying conditions ranging from hypothyroidism, candida, fibromyalgia, allergies and rosacea to cystitis, she turned to nutrition and lifestyle for a cure. Needless to say, her health was restored.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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