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James Dalessandro - Revealing the Truth Through Historical Fiction

Author and screenplay writer, James Dalessandro, writes books that are so riveting that he has managed to sell several of them to large movie studios such as Pixar and Warner Brothers. He does a ton of research for his historical novels, which really shows in his work and he captures the look and feel of the era brilliantly. As our Author of the Day we chat with Dalessandro about life as a screenplay writer, his passion for writing and the real casualty count of the San Francisco Earthquake, which was apparently closer to 5,000 than 500.

Chuck Waldron - Crime, Technothrillers and Conspiracies

Sitting at his grandfather's lap, listening to stories about notorious gangsters in the local caves of the Ozark Mountains, Chuck Waldron was inspired to start writing his own stories about crime and the human condition. He writes thrillers that keep readers at the edge of their seats, and The Cleansweep Conspiracy is no exception. As our author of the day, Waldron reveals how the G20 Toronto conference inspired this book and talks about his passion for thrillers and his love for the game of poker.

John Isaac Jones - A Construction Worker and a Lonely Housewife

For over thirty years, John Isaac Jones used to work as a reporter for media outlets all over the world, but these days he is writing riveting books while enjoying his retirement. As our author of the day, Jones talks about his life as a journalist and how a construction worker inspired his book, The Duck Springs Affair and why he chose South Georgia as the backdrop for his book.

David Haldane - Finding That Green, Leafy Space

The truth is often much stranger than fiction - and this rings especially true about the life of David Haldane. This former journalist has experienced so many weird and wonderful things in his life, that he decided to write a book about it. As our Author of the Day, Haldane chats with us about life in the 60s and 70s, reveals why he stopped being an activist and talks about his green, leafy space.

Arthur Bradley - Survival Adventures in a Post Apocalyptic World

Dr. Arthur Bradley has always enjoyed reading good post-apocalyptic stories, and as an expert disaster prepper, he decided to put his knowledge to good use and started writing riveting thrillers. It is not hard to see why his first book in the series, Frontier Justice, quickly became a bestseller, set in a disturbingly realistic world with action-packed scenes and believable characters. As our author of the day, Bradley tells us exactly how much research goes into his books and why he thinks a viral pandemic is one of the most serious threats to modern civilization.

Angela Purbaugh - Inspired by Video Games and Reluctant Readers

Apart from being able to look into the mirror and cut her own hair and managing her kids, Angela Purbagh has a knack for writing fun and fascinating stories. Readers have been raving about her novel, Combat Boy, and Purbagh thanks its success to the magic of her imaginary-friend-turned-muse and the ability to use self hypnosis to get into the flow. Today we chat about how her son's obsession with video games and her desire to help reluctant readers sparked the creation of her book.

Michael Phillip Cash - Writing Bestselling Horrors

When Michael Phillip Cash is not whipping up delicious dishes for his family, he writes bestselling paranormal, horror and science fiction novels. His novel, The After House, is no exception and already counts over 200 rave reviews on Amazon. Today, we chat with Cash about The After House, why he weaves so much humor into his stories and he shares some insights in the underlying message of this book.

A.J. Culey - A Whole Town Full of Shifters

When A.J. Culey isn't using her Crazy Catlady skills to handle cats and bunnies, she teaches a bunch of unruly kids or enjoys writing books for them. For her latest book, The Trouble with Antlers, she created a whole town of shapeshifters and a lot of funny situations. As our Author of the Day, Culey reveals what animal she would have been if she was a shifter, why she enjoys writing for teenagers and talks about her writing habits.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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