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John Egenes - Coast to Coast on Horseback

John Egenes has been a musician, a saddlemaker, a dog catcher, and a hobo, among other things. He is producing albums for people these days, and playing various instruments on records for artists all over the world. But what not many of his friends don't know about Egenes, is that he crossed the United States, coast to coast, from California to Virginia, with his horse, Gizmo back in 1974. As our Author of the Day, Egenes tells us all about his journey and the book he wrote about it.

Kilby Blades - Describing Romance Between High Achievers

When Kilby Blades looks at her peer group, she sees dating disasters, relationship problems, and divorce. This made her want to tell the truth about what love and romance really looks like for high-achieving people and Snapdragon was born. A romance novel unlike any other, where two people are in a relationship that could be defined on its own terms rather that following the formulaic path: "first comes love, then comes marriage..." As our Author of the Day, Blades tells us all about the book and how she made it into the top 5 in romance and top 35 across genres.

Linda Znachko - Doe is Not a Name, a Diaper is not Burial Clothing and a Dumpster is Not a Grave

When Linda Znachko heard about Baby Doe, wearing a diaper and found in a dumpster, she felt compelled to get this baby named, dressed and buried with dignity. She had no idea that this baby would also birth a ministry that she could never have imagined. Znachko wrote He Knows Your Name, a book that explores her spiritual journey about how God led her and how many other lives were touched thanks to this baby.

Jennifer Lacopelli - The World of Professional Tennis

Jennifer Lacopelli has been watching tennis at the highest levels since before she could really remember clearly. This made it only natural for her to start writing novels set in the world of professional tennis - not only exploring the thrill of the sport itself, but also the relationship dynamics, the competitiveness and other things that drive the players. As our Author of the Day, Lacopelli tells us all about her latest novel, Game. Set. Match, talks about the New Adult genre and reveals her favorite tennis players of all time.

Joel Canfield - Comic Books, Mind-Programming and Crazy Government Activities

Joel Canfield self-reportedly has written like a madman since he learned how to type. Novelist, screenwriter and ghostwriter, Canfield has lived in many cities across the U.S. He now resides in Miami Beach, Florida with his favorite blondes, writer-editor wife Lisa and dog Betsy, but he will undoubtedly move again, because that’s just what he does. As our Author of the Day, he talks about Blue Fire, the sequel to his first Max Bowman book and gives us some insights in his writing habits and the creation of his characters.

James Atkinson - The Right Mind Set, Diet and Exercise

In his personal health & fitness journey, James Atkinson has experienced it all: he has been overweight and unfit, skinny and weak, a long distance runner, competing bodybuilder and personal trainer. Through personal experience, Atkinson has learned the importance of good diet, smart training and metal strength. As our Author of the Day, he tells us about his latest book, his journey and the motivation behind it.

Kiersten Modglin - The Perfect Family and the Perfect Lie

When Kiersten Modglin is not watching Netflix or curling up with a good book she enjoys writing psychological suspense in which she explores the darkest parts of human nature and the inner workings of twisted minds. Her novel, "If It Walks Like a Killer", is no exception. As our Author of the Day, Modglin reveals what inspired her to make seemingly happily married college sweethearts the center of her story and gives us some insights in her writing process.

Leanne Owens - Horse Stories from the Australian Outback

Leanne Owens is an English teacher who has lived in the outback, written for horse magazines and Horse Talk TV, and bred many national champion horses. During her years in the outback, she saw how outback children could drive cars, operate bulldozers, ride horses and motorbikes, muster ten thousand acre paddocks, cook, and do more things than most city adults. This inspired her to write about the horse-hating city cousin who visits her outback family in Horses of the Sun, the first book of her Outback series. As our Author of the Day, Owens tells us all about it.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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