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Author of the Day Archive

Lisa Blackwood - So Many Ideas, So Little Time

Lisa Blackwood is an author who has so many ideas for stories that she doesn't think she will ever find time to write all of them. One of them was that of a gargoyle, Gregory, who just wouldn't go away and inspired the Sorceress series. As our author of the day, Blackwood chats with us about Gregory, reveals why she changed her book's name to Sorceress Awakening and what she thinks writing and orchids have in common.

Dawn Brower - Romance and Second Chances

Dawn Brower is an avid reader and always has stories in her head, which she sometimes needs to suppress in order to get her latest book done. Her books also have a way to take a direction of their own, which just makes the whole writing process all the more exciting. Today, Brower chats with us about her latest book, One Heart to Give, her childhood years as the only girl out of six children and how hard it is to write love scenes.

Adam Gittlin - Thrilling Books set in a Cut-Throat Corporate World

Adam Gittlin has a knack for writing high finance thrillers that keep readers on the edge of their seats. His first novel in the wildly popular Jonah Grey series, The Deal, is getting a film adaptation. Today, Gittlin chats with us about the third book in the DEAL series, Deal Master, what sparked his interest in becoming an author and gives us some insights in the character of Jonah Grey.

Marc Alan Edelheit - Intrigued by Military Sci-Fi and Fantasy

When Marc Alan Edelheit isn't plotting out a new military fantasy or sci-fi, he enjoys traveling the world or studying history. It is this passion for history that got him interested in military fantasy in the first place, as is very evident in his book, Stiger's Tigers. When he writes fantasy, Edelheit likes to keep things very realistic - even if it means sacrificing the likeability of some of his characters. In today's interview, Edelheit talks about the Romans, magic and why his heroes are not always the "good guys."

Mark Mahon - Creating a Screenplay, Book, Graphic Novel and Film About an Irish Hero

Award-winning writer and director Mark Mahon might be one of the first people to ever write a screenplay, novel and graphic novel for the same story. Brian Boru - Freedom Within the Heart will also soon be getting a movie adaptation. Today we chat about this novel and how Mahon's film making background and location scouting in Ireland influenced this work.

K. N. Parker - Author With A Passion For Robots, Friendship and Teamwork

Although born and raised in Los Angeles, K. N. Parker also has a Japanese heritage and even taught himself the language. This affinity with the land of robotics and his frequent travels there inspired his book, Autonomously Yours. Today we chat with Kiyoshi about his fascination with robots, the moral dilemmas facing the AI industry and how exactly he managed to pull off teaching himself Japanese.

Rodney Walther - Writing About Fatherhood, Grief and Life Lessons

Multiple award-winning author, Rodney Walther, writes in a strong narrative voice about difficult themes. His books are known to be thought-provoking and engaging and Broken Laces, a bestselling novel about a workaholic father who suddenly faces single parenthood, is no exception. Today, we chat about Broken Laces, baseball and the importance of parent-child relationships.

Lisa Mondello - Writing Happily Ever Afters

New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Lisa Mondello, is back with another excellent book in her Dakota Hearts series. This collection of popular romance novels was inspired by an F3 tornado that came through her town and, as our author of the day, Mondell0 tells us more about it. She also gives us more insights in the characters of Her Dakota Man, her emotions during the writing process and talks about happily ever afters.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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