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Gregory Ness - Writing is a Hero's Journey

Gregory Ness likens writing a novel to a hero's journey - one he has completed for the first time when publishing Antioch. This adult geek multi-genre book is the first in a series and takes readers on a gritty, raw and personal trip into humanity's past and near future. As our Author of the Day, Ness tells us why he wrote this book, how his background as a Silicon Valley technologist inspires his work and why we shouldn't take our civilization for granted.

Christy Barritt - Growing With Each Book

Christy Barritt is a successful author with over fifty books to her name and she feels that she is still growing as an author with each new book that she publishes. Inspired by fans who often think that actors are the same as the characters they play on TV, Barritt decided to create Joey Darling. As our Author of the Day, Barrit tells us all about Darling's character and how she is nothing like her super detective alter ego, she also reveals where she likes to go for inspiration and how she used to play guitar in coffee houses.

Paul Shore - "Uncorking" Tightly Held French Traditions

Paul Shore is a technology industry veteran, who has worked around the globe. At one stage Shore ended up in a charming village in Provence, France, where he tried to understand French culture and integrate with the French community. This resulted in a story worth telling, which he does with a lot of heart and humor. As our Author of the Day, Shore talks about what he learned from the French reveals why he decided to write this book and whether he would ever like to live in Provence again.

Shane Simpson - When a Blue-Collar Guy Decides Enough is Enough

Shane Simpson is an author who enjoys writing riveting action with a twist. He believes that every action has a reaction, which can either be positive and make the world a better place, or it can destroy. This was the central theme in The Owner, his first standalone book in the Albert Pabek Thriller series. As our Author of the Day, Simpson reveals how The Owner was written in rapid fire, how much Albert Pabek has in common with Jack Reacher and talks about how life is about people - not money.

Austin Dragon - High Tech Low Life Cyberpunk Detective Books

Austin Dragon loves writing sci-fi and action. His Liquid Cool series, however, is a bit different from the After Eden and classic Sleepy Hollow Horror books he is known for. Liquid Cool is cyberpunk - with an atmosphere reminiscent of Blade Runner and The Maltese Falcon, and is packed with fun, humor and thrills. As our Author of the Day, Dragon talks about These Mean Streets Darkly, his journey as an author and how he writes to entertain and explore real issues.

Christa Yelich-Koth - Writing Sci-Fi and Fantasy That Anybody Can Enjoy

When Christa Yelich-Koth isn't editing for Buzz & Roar Publishing and REDSHIFT or co-hosting the Grr Arrgh podcast, she likes to write sci-fi and fantasy that anybody can enjoy. What sets her books apart is how they really focus on the people and their emotions, rather than the technology, alien races or politics of the worlds her stories take place in. As our Author of the Day, Yelich-Koch talks about why she writes in this genre, how her background in Biology influences her writing and why she really has to watch out for colloquialisms in her books.

Tamie Dearen - Giving Readers an Escape from Life

Tamie Dearen is married to the most romantic man in the world - which is why she enjoys writing romance novels so much. She has published 11 books so far, and her characters are so relatable that her series, Best Girls very quickly became a bestseller. As our Author of the Day, Dearen talks about the first book in the series, Her Best Match, explains why readers found the main character to be slapworthy at times and talks about what it takes to make readers fall in love with the hero.

Andrea Thome - Making Characters Fall In Love Unexpectedly

Andrea Thome is a former broadcast journalist who fell in love with a Major League baseball player after interviewing him. They got married and when she is not out and about pursuing photography as a hobby, she likes to write contemporary romance. As our Author of the Day, Thome reveals what inspired her first book, talks about how she created her own book covers and gives us some insights into what to expect from her next.

Lyn Cote - The Debut Novel That Got Published 40 Books Later

USA Today Bestselling author, Lyn Cote has written over 40 books, but she has only recently publish the first novel she has ever written. This book La Belle Christiane, is about a young French courtesan who finds herself in the American frontier in the 1770s. As our Author of the Day, Cote tells us why she only published this book now, how it is different from other romance novels and talks about how she did research for her historical novels before the dawn of the Internet.

J.B. Markes - Fantasy Meets Murder Mystery

J.B. Markes has had a fascination with fantasy stories ever since his aunt bought him a copy of the Legend of Zelda, an 8-bit RPG game. He now writes in the genre and likes to add unexpected twists and a touch of humor. His latest novel, Necrospect is no exception, featuring a necromancer as the good guy, a world where magic has serious side effects and an interesting murder mystery. As our author of the day, Markes gives us a behind the scenes look at Necrospect, talks about his top-secret skills and reveals what he is working on now.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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