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Scott Hale - Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy/Horror

Scot Hale likes to experiment with how gray he can make a character’s morality, while keeping them relatable to the audience. Post-apocalyptic fantasy/horror provides the perfect setting to do just that, with his book, The Bones of the Earth, a prime example. Hale describes it as a strange world that is both familiar and alien - similar to nightmares one might have from PTSD. As our Author of the Day, Hale tells us more about The Bones of the Earth and some of the other books in the series.

Deen Ferrell - Time Travel, Technology and Secret Organizations

Apart from being a cat-charmer, baby-calmer and riveting public speaker, Deen Ferrell is also a darn good author who tends to keep his readers at the edge of their seats. When you pick up one of his books, you know that you are in for a thrilling ride. As our Author of the Day, Ferrell tells us all about his latest book, Cryptic Spaces: Foresight, talks about secret organizations, Nostradamus and much more.

Emerson Rose - Intelligent Women and the Stubborn men who Love Them.

Until five years ago, Emerson Rose never considered writing as a career, but her fans are very glad that she discovered this talent. She says she writes because the ideas in her head won't stop coming, resulting in very interesting stories about intelligent women and the stubborn men who love them. As our Author of the Day, Rose tells us all about the latest book in her Nanny series: The Lawyer's Nanny.

Bruce Beckham - Crime Mysteries with Sinister Twists

True to British tradition, Bruce Beckham grew up consuming detective stories in all forms (print, film and tv). In the author's own words, "becoming involved in it seems as natural as playing football." Much to the delight of his fans, Beckham weaves interesting murder mysteries in which you never know what to expect. As our Author of the Day, Beckham talks about Charles Dickens, the English Lake District and reveals why his books are so unpredictable.

Lyle Howard - Epic Adventure in Pursuit of the Truth

Lyle Howard has been writing wonderful stories since he was a child and this passion led him to become the author of the bestselling novels; It's About Time, Terminal Justice, Trouble in Paradise and the upcoming release A Trace of Revenge. He tends to look at the world from a different perspective than others - something his readers can greatly appreciate. As our Author of the Day, Howard reveals what inspired his novel, Mr. Sandman, talks about what it takes to be an author while teaching full time and much more.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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