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Author of the Day Archive

Alexie Aaron - Thrilling Paranormal Adventures

Alexie Aaron's popular Haunted Series was born from her memories of fleeting shapes rushing around doorways, an heirloom chair that rocked itself, cold feelings of mysterious dread, and warm feelings from the traces of loved ones long gone. As our Author of the Day, Aaron talks about how she fell in love with her characters, tells us more about The Hauntings of Cold Creek Hollow and shares some of her own personal paranormal experiences.

Joe Cawley - Adventures of an Expat Barman on a Tropical Island

When Joe Cawley isn't living the dream on a tropical island, he writes award-winning books. If you read his books, however, it becomes clear that pursuing his dream wasn't easy. Packed with humor and adventures, More Ketchup than Salsa tells a fascinating story. As our Author of the Day, Cawley tells us more about his book, his secret skills and reveals what we can expect from him next.

Evan Bollinger - Psychic Vampires and Conspiracy

A lifelong fan of horror and dystopian, Evan Bollinger likes to dream up the wild, the dark, and the devilish. His latest book, Siphoners, is a story of identity and trajectory, in which certain people have the ability to siphon human life. As our author of the day, Bollinger tells us all about his inspiration, explains why he included conspiracy in this book and gives us some insights into the characters.

Maria R Riegger - Gritty Contemporary Romance With Plenty of Sarcasm

Maria Riegger is a banking/corporate attorney by day and a fiction author by night. As a Gemini whose head has always been in the clouds, Riegger loves writing books with spunk. Riegger enjoyed her time in law school immensely - her time there inspired her to write the Law School Heretic series. As our Author of the Day, Riegger talks about her book, Miscalculated Risks, her secret skills and reveals how she manages to make the romance in her books feel so realistic.

LJ Evans - Inspired by Music

Award winning author, LJ Evans enjoys binge reading, binge watching and binge writing. She is routinely inspired by music and will pull the car over to write a book scene when a particular song strikes her imagination. Her my life as an album series debuted in 2017 inspired by old Taylor Swift songs. As our Author of the Day, Evans tells us all about it.

N.C. Lewis - Cozy Mysteries set in the Wedding Capital of the Lone Star State

When N.C Lewis is not writing or reading (usually Cozy, humor, horror or space), N.C can be found tinkering on a computer or on social media sites —notably Facebook. As our Author of the Day, Lewis tells us about Ollie Stratford, how readers would recognise family members in the characters and reveals whether the twists in the books are planned or just "happen".

Roger B. Burt - Mythology, Powerful Women and Self Exploration

Roger B. Burt is a clinical psychologist who has always been intrigued by the mythological and cultural underpinnings of humankind. His interest in the Women’s Liberation movement in the 1960s inspired a series featuring powerful women dedicated to our future. As our Author of the Day, Burt tells us all about the Gaia's Majesty series - focusing on Mission Called, the first book in the series.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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