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A note on eBook Formats

There are several ways to read text documents or view images on your device. A comprehensive comparison of these formats (and more) is available on the Wiki.

Installation tips and recommended eBook readers are discussed here.

This site provides eBooks in the following formats:

Doc (aka "PalmDOC")
DOC, or Doc, is a generic name for a type of text document format usable by nearly all PDA platforms. Note that this format is not the same as the .doc filename extension usually given to Microsoft Word document files. These files will have a ".pdb" filename extension. Doc files can be read by a variety of readers, including eReader, iSilo, CSpotRun, TiBR, WeaselReader, TealDoc, and many more.
An open standard defined by the Open eBook Forum of the International Digital Publishing Forum. It is based on XHTML and XML.
eReader previously known as Palm Reader
Originally created by Peanut Press, this format can be read on many devices, including cellphones (BlackBerry, iPhone), Palm devices, and desktop computers (Mac and PC). There is some extended formatting and reasonable compression.
iLiad PDF
A document formatted with margins, font-sizes, and images tailored to the iRex iLiad.
iPod Notes
Large text files can be split into multiple, linked "Notes" which can be read on Apple's iPod. Requires an iPod Mini or 3rd Generation or later iPod. To create your own Notes, please visit Daniel Duris' iPod ebook Creator.
Silo has a couple of advantages over the DOC format, such as higher compression rates (which saves precious RAM) and extended formatting (such as bold, italics, horizontal dividers, and hyperlinks). iSiloX files are slightly more advanced, and include chapter bookmarks and graphics (when available), but require iSilo version 3.1 or better.
A proprietary format with support for many platforms - see for details. The Kindle format is essentially the same thing, but limited to Kindle devices or Kindle software.
PDF and Large Print PDF
A file format created by Adobe, initially to provide a standard form for storing and editing printeable documents. Documents in .pdf format can be seen and printed by users on a variety of computer and platform types. To view files of this type, download the Adobe Acrobat Reader, available at Adobe's Web site.
Plucker is an extended text-and-graphics document format for handhelds. It can be used for both local and remote (e.g., Internet) files. Plucker will display extended formatting and graphics, is free, and open source. Palm, PocketPC, and Nokia 770 compatible.
Sony aka Librié, LRF, or BBeB
A proprietary format that can only be read on the Sony Librie or Sony Reader.
Microsoft "LIT" format
A proprietary format that can only be read on Windows devices.
A popular format, with support for Windows, Linux, and PocketPC from applications like fbreader. Find out more at Wikipedia.



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