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Using eBooks with an eBook Reader

The eBooks formats used on this site are described here.

A comprehensive review of eBook reading hardware and software is available at


Don't have one to test with at this point, but from what I've read you should be able to transfer a Mobipocket format ebook to your Kindle using a USB cable.


iPhone/iPod Touch, version 2.0

Several eBook applications are available -- more information is available on the iPhone/iPod Touch help page.

"Jailbroken" iPhones ebooks must be transferred to your iPhone via SSH, iPhuc, or one of the methods described here. iPhone-sized PDFs can be emailed to your iPhone, or you can save a bookmarklet in Safari which will be syncronized with your iPhone.

Palm OS

eBooks must be installed on your Palm OS device using the Palm Install Tool software that came with your PDA. This will prepare the document for installation the next time you HotSync with your computer.

eBook documents are read using software commonly known as a "reader" -- there are Doc readers, iSilo readers, Plucker readers, etc. You must have a reader installed to view eBooks, and the reader must be capable of reading the format of the document; for example, you must use Plucker to reader plucker formatted eBooks. Some readers can display more than one format, such as iSilo and Doc, but there is no Palm OS reader that can handle all formats. (We recommend the Doc format for folks that are just getting started - Quick Start instructions are available here).

Recommended eBook readers for the Palm:

In addition to being an excellent eBook reader, Plucker is a suite of programs which provide an off-line web browser for Palm OS systems. It's free software under the FSF's General Public License, so you can copy, change, or even sell this program as long as you make the source code publicly available.
Formats: Plucker.
iSilo reads Doc eBooks in addition to its own iSilo format, and it's very easy to convert text, HTML, or DOC files into an iSilo document using free desktop tools.
Formats: Doc and iSilo.
TiBR aka "Tiny Book Reader" (recommended for new users)
TiBR is a free PalmDoc eBook reader that only requires 49k. If you need an eBook reader that uses less memory try the Lite version, which lacks search support but needs just 25k of memory!
Formats: Doc.
Weasel Reader (formerly "GutenPalm")
Weasel Reader is a simple eBook reader for zTXT and Doc files. It is Free Software and has been released under the GNU General Public License v2. Weasel Reader requires "Zlib" which may not be visible if you're using Windows!
Formats: Doc and zTXT.
CSpotRun is a free eBook reader for documents in the popular Pilot Doc format. It was designed to be smaller and simpler than commercial Doc readers.
Formats: Doc.
Acrobat Reader
PDF is a common document format for desktop computers, though it's less popular on PDAs. A PDF formatted eBook is generally larger than a Doc or Plucker copy of the same eBook, and requires an additional step to prepare it for reading on your PDA (so it's not really recommended after all!).
Formats: converted PDFs.
Reads the proprietary eReader format from The trial version of eReader Pro becomes the limited feature eReader Lite after 15 days. It will still display eReader/Palm Reader format eBooks, but loses some advanced features.
Formats: Doc, eReader.

Recommended eBook readers for PocketPC:

I'm still building this list -- please send your suggestions

µBook is a simple but powerful shareware ebook reader for Windows and Pocket PC
Formats: eReader, Rocketbook, PDF, HTML, TXT, RTF, Doc.
No bold or italic formatting, but very quick.
Formats: TXT, HTML, zipped text and un-encrypted LIT.
Reads the proprietary eReader format from
Formats: Doc, eReader.
Mobipocket Reader
Reads the proprietary Mobipocket format, and other formats. Fast, easy to use, and supports sub-pixel rendering of fonts.
Formats: Mobipocket, Doc.
Vade Mecum
A Plucker-format reader with a few extra features: Annotations, text selection and copying.
Format: Plucker.

Recommended eBook readers for Zaurus:

Please send your suggestions

A small Qtopia based eText reader also known as QTReader, ported from AgendaReader to the Zaurus platform.
Formats: Doc, zTXT, Plucker, iSilo, Rocketbook, plain text, HTML.
Just Reader
Supports some advanced features such as text justification, full screen mode, screen rotation, UTF8 and many 8bit encodings.
Formats: HTML, zTxt, TCR, RTF, Mobipocket.

Recommended eBook readers for Symbian phones:

Please send your suggestions - these suggestions discussed in detail at All About Symbian

Formats: eReader, Doc.
Formats: Doc, Mobi.
For java-enabled Siemens mobile phones.
Formats: Doc, TCR, text. Freeware.
Formats: Doc, TCR, and gzipped text files. Freeware.
iSilo reads Doc eBooks in addition to its own iSilo format, and it's very easy to convert text, HTML, or DOC files into an iSilo document using free desktop tools.
Formats: Doc and iSilo.

Recommended eBook readers for Agenda VR3 (linux) PDA:

Please send your suggestions!

Agenda Reader
Formats: Supports plain text, Palm Doc, Plucker, eReader, and others.

Recommended eBook reader for java-enabled Siemens phones:

Please send your suggestions!

The standalone version of this free application (ReadManiac FULL) can be used to search for ebooks, download directly from the internet, and read books without the help of a PC.
Formats: PDB, PRC and TCR.
Formats: Palm Doc, and TCR.
Formats: Palm Doc, eReader, Libris.

Recommended eBook readers for the Franklin eBookman:

Mobipocket Reader - built-in to eBookman OS.
Formats: Mobipocket, Doc.

Recommended eBook readers for the Blackberry:

Mobipocket Reader
Formats: Mobipocket, Doc.

Other Platforms

Formats: HTML, zTxt, TCR, RTF, Mobipocket, FictionBook (fb2).



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