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or, Concerning Education; Extracts
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Evolution of Expression, vol 1
Charles Wesley Emerson
Freedom in Science and Teaching.
from the German of Ernst Haeckel
Ernst Haeckel
Gentle Measures in the Management and Training of the Young
Or, The Principles on Which a Firm Parental Authority May Be Established and Maintained, Without Violence or Anger, and the Right Development of the Moral and Mental Capacities Be Promoted by Methods in Harmony with the Structure and the Characteristics of the Juvenile Mind
Jacob Abbott
The Girl and the Kingdom
Learning to Teach
Kate Douglas Wiggin
How to Study
George Fillmore Swain
The Idea of a University Defined and Illustrated
In Nine Discourses Delivered to the Catholics of Dublin
John Henry Newman
In the School-Room
Chapters in the Philosophy of Education
John S. Hart
Keeping Fit All the Way
How to Obtain and Maintain Health, Strength and Efficiency
Walter Camp
Literature in the Elementary School
Porter Lander MacClintock
The Mind and Its Education
George Herbert Betts
The New Ideal in Education
An Address Given Before the League of the Empire
Nikolai Velimirovic
New Ideals in Rural Schools
George Herbert Betts
On the Firing Line in Education
Adoniram Judson Ladd
The Ontario Readers
Third Book
Ontario Ministry of Education
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