Kameno doba Jovan Zujovic
De Kerels van Vlaanderen Hendrik Conscience
Uther and Igraine Warwick Deeping
Glengarry Schooldays
a Story of Early Days in Glengarry
Ralph Connor
The London Pulpit James Ewing Ritchie
Der Schäfer
Eine Geschichte aus der Stille
Franziska Mann
In Russian and French Prisons Peter Kropotkin
Boy Aviators in Africa
or, An Aerial Ivory Trail
Captain Wilbur Lawton
The Great White Tribe in Filipinia Paul T. Gilbert
A Young Girl's Diary, Prefaced with a Letter by Sigmund Freud Anonymous
Comedies Ludvig Holberg
Nonsense Novels Stephen Leacock
Further Adventures of the Amateur Cracksman
E.W. Hornung
A Revolução Portugueza: O 5 de Outubro (Lisboa 1910) Jorge de Abreu
Ceres' Runaway and Other Essays Alice Meynell
Life of Lord Byron, Vol. I
With his Letters and Journals
Thomas Moore
Seventy-Five Receipts for Pastry Cakes, and Sweetmeats Miss Leslie
Bear Brownie
The Life of a Bear
H. Perry Robinson
Far to Seek
A Romance of England and India
Maud Diver
The Dancing Mouse
A Study in Animal Behavior
Robert M. Yerkes