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by Cory Doctorow

I enjoyed it, but mostly because I related to it personally because my wife is a “craphound”, and it characterizes that lifestyle perfectly. The alien made it more interesting. The lesson in “the worth of what we value” offers nothing deep enough to reflect on, but the read is fun.

Reviewed on 2011.08.09

The Helpful Hand of God

by Tom Godwin

Good story-and yes, somewhat predictable, but a fun read. Using the golden rule creatively on members of a military spaceship from a harsh civilization bent on conquest that landed on your peaceful planet might just work. Stress "creatively".

Reviewed on 2011.07.19

Romeo and Juliet

by William Shakespeare

This book is great, but it was a little hard to read the old english... even if someone doesn't like the book, that doesn't prove anything. Its really famous for a reason!

Reviewed on 2010.12.27

Canterbury Tales and Other Poems

by Geoffrey Chaucer

One of the earliest classics, written in Middle English which makes it very hard to follow.

Reviewed on 2010.10.03

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