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Reviews by Ankit Raj

The Ivory Snuff Box

by Frederic Arnold Kummer

No matter what words I use in praise of this story I will find my self unable to do complete justice to it. The plot is just mind blowing. I have just read 2 stories of Arnold Fredricks in which Richard Duvall was a character and I am already in love with the character. I don't understand why the character did not become as famous as Sherelock Holmes or Hercule Pirot. Richard Duvall is very shrewd, intelligent and lively, a complete genious, loves his wife Grace a lot who assists him in this adventure of his. A marvellous story. Please someone pass it to some great directors or producers to make it into a movie. I bet with all my heart it will be a record breaking hit. Unfortunately MANYBOOKS.NET has got only 2 novels with Duvall as a hero. I'll request them to include more of such novels. I still can't believe that such great literature hasn't yet attracted the attention of millions of readers and the global movie world.

Reviewed on 2010.11.03

The Green God

by Frederic Arnold Kummer

Not too interesting unfortunately. Morgan is to dull a character to be a detective. I bet I can do better than him. I felt the story so boring, the plot so gloomy, that I gave up reading in the mid-way. I believe the police could have done well without the detective. While reading you wait for the action to begin but you find that the story is monotonus for a long time. Just imagine a detective who is not sure whether somebody bolted the window of the room in his presence in which a murder was commited some times ago. If you wanna read a text book, go ahead!

Reviewed on 2010.10.30

The Blue Lights

by Frederic Arnold Kummer

Great detective novel, showing true consequences of failiure, luck, fortune and conflict of arousing emotions going in the minds of a real detective almost all the time who faces a challenge to perform a three fold task of securing both the ransome, the kidnapped child and preventing the kidnappers from escaping. I am a reader of very selective nature and not many novels appeal to me so much. The detectives depicted in this story are like real human beings, no JAMES BOND sort of stuff. Also, the writer has done justice to the kidnappers by making their character very sharp and focused, their actions very well planned to keep the detectives and the police struggling till the last moment making it more interesting. The description of places are so detailed that I felt my self as one of the characters of the story, wandering in the streets of Paris. A must read story and a very addictive one. I can bet it will bind you till the last words.

Reviewed on 2010.10.27

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