Reviews by Dai Alanye

Gudrid the Fair

by Maurice Hewlett

A pretty good fictional depiction of Norse life and the discovery of North America. Could have stuck closer to history (as told in saga) and used less authorial creativity, but worth a read.

Reviewed on 2014.12.16

In the Fog

by Richard Harding Davis

Entertaining short book of mysteries and tall tales.

Reviewed on 2014.12.16


by John Buchan

Unusual and well-written mystery adventure with heroes and villains galore, and more than a few surprise twists.

Contains two or three or a half dozen unlikely coincidences and the ending is a bit frantic, but quite non-put-downable.

Reviewed on 2014.12.16

Three Men and a Maid

by Robert Fraser

In no way similar to the Wodehouse book of the same title. this is an involved mystery/romance with some English courtroom work. A good tale.

Reviewed on 2014.12.14

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