Reviews by Dai Alanye

Criminal Negligence

by Jesse Francis McComas

Everyone (almost) is moving to Mars, so whom shall we leave behind?

Has some merit but written especially for the bleeding-heart liberal type, and dishonestly so.

Reviewed on 2015.05.20

Cubs of the Wolf

by Raymond F. Jones

Perfect story for vegan pacifists but less suitable for war-mongering right wing extremists like me.

Reviewed on 2015.05.20

Death Wish

by Robert Sheckley

A better story of the type that Astounding and others once used to fill the gaps between more popular novels and serials. Has some interest but mainly a gimmicky short.

Reviewed on 2015.05.20

The Defiant Agents

by Andre Norton

I looked into many Norton novels in the past but never got past page five before abandoning the efforts due to boredom. This time I promised myself to finish one of them, if only to determine why others enjoyed her work.

No hopeógot to about page twelve before quitting. She writes as you would expect a librarian to do, with some of the slowest openings in the explored portion of the galaxy.

Reviewed on 2015.05.20

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