Reviews by Dai Alanye

Dead Men's Money

by J. S. Fletcher

Of the several Fletcher books I've so far read, this one, reminiscent of Kidnapped, is the most interesting. A weak denouement, though,as is all too typical of him.

Reviewed on 2013.10.20

The Middle Temple Murder

by J.S. Fletcher

Naively-written. Clues fall effortlessly, with hardly a single red herring or blind alley, into the lap of a boring protagonist. The romance is sketchily handled, as seems the case with all of Fletcher's efforts. Too bad, for he's skilled at developing plots.

Reviewed on 2013.10.20

The Mystery of the Boule Cabinet

by Burton E. Stevenson

Typical old-fashioned detective novel but with some thriller aspects. Not a bad read but preposterous in certain aspects.

First, we have experienced men--including attorney Lester, the "Watson" of the series--going into hysterics and collapsing like little girls when presented with something unexpected. Second, the "Holmes" of the series--super detective Godfrey--lets himself be drawn away from the scene at a critical time, regardless that he knew that it was going to be the key happening.

But if the reader willingly suspends a degree of skepticism...

Reviewed on 2013.09.23

The Borough Treasurer

by J.S. Fletcher

Unusual and well-written, with a solid plot, and a good villain among other realistic characters. On the negative side, could use better description of the physical scene, and the denouement is a bit contrived.

Reviewed on 2013.09.21

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