Reviews by Dai Alanye

Daybreak: A Romance of an Old World

by James Cowan

If you felt Burroughs' Martian novels to be unrealistic, by all means take a glimpse into Daybreak. Your appreciation of Mr B will skyrocket.

Reviewed on 2014.08.16

The Day's Work, vol 1

by Rudyard Kipling

I like Kipling but many of these tales left me cool if not cold—talking animals and machinery, philosophy, puzzling references. Couple pretty good ones, though.

Reviewed on 2014.08.16

Colonial Born

by G. Firth Scott

Quite an intriguing read, especially as an insight into Australian life of the late 19th century. Difficult to follow the story at times due to the author's cryptic style, but a good adventure with a bit of romance and mystery thrown in.

Reviewed on 2014.08.08

The Country Beyond

by James Oliver Curwood

Popular old-time writer with a tale told partly from the dog's point of view. Good prose and admirable characters although melodramatic and overly-idealistic.

Reviewed on 2014.08.08

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