Reviews by Dai Alanye

The Blazed Trail

by Stewart Edward White

White wrote Wild Geese Calling, one of my all-time favorites.
Blazed Trail starts fine, but in the second half becomes overly melodramatic and slides into worship of the "strong man" who is saved by love at the last minute. Gets plenty of help from his friends, as well.

Plenty of interest for the lumberjack, though, so still worth a look.

Reviewed on 2014.06.26

Blind Policy

by George Manville Fenn

A strange and strangely-written late-Victorian mystery that kept me reading despite flaws in premise, plot and motivation.

Reviewed on 2014.06.26

Blue Aloes

by Cynthia Stockley

This gal can write. Her stories, pubbed in 1919, are about the English and others in southern Africa, presumably before WW I.

More concerned with middle and upper-class society than adventures in the bush, she still gives life to the natural settings.

Reviewed on 2014.06.26

The Boss of Wind River

by A.M. Chisholm

Old-fashioned, idealistic lumberjack adventure where men are men and women kinda like it that way. Well written with believable characters.

Reviewed on 2014.06.19

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