Reviews by Dai Alanye

Contamination Crew

by Alan Nourse

A decent very short read. In what sort of container do you store the universal solvent?

Or something similar thereto.

Reviewed on 2015.05.15

Control Group

by Roger Dee

Would be worthwhile if presented as part of a collection on a common theme. As a stand-alone tale, not worth much.

Reviewed on 2015.05.15

The Copper-Clad World

by Harl Vincent

Excessively high corn content with character development that could be represented by a negative number.

OTOH, typical of the old Amazing Stories mag. They don't write 'em like this any more.

Reviewed on 2015.05.15

The Anglers of Arz

by Roger D. Aycock

A worthwhile premise but not well done nor adequately developed. I still don't know how whatsisname figured it out.

Reviewed on 2015.05.13

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