Reviews by Dai Alanye

The Gloved Hand

by Burton E. Stevenson

Considerable mystery but little actual detecting as we expect it. More of a thriller, in fact. Well written and fast-moving.

Reviewed on 2013.09.06

The Crowned Skull

by Fergus Hume

The best thing about this is the depiction of the heroine with an odd name, but she isn't good enough to single-handedly overcome Hume's fantastical plotting.

Reviewed on 2013.09.03

The Crystal Stopper

by Maurice LeBlanc

French authors, especially of the era depicted, have rather bizarre notions of how society ought to operate, including the favoring of criminals over the forces of law. Crystal Stopper is one more example of this, and requires a great suspension of disbelief as well. I feel I did well by getting a third of the way into the story before giving up on LeBlanc.

Reviewed on 2013.09.03

The Daffodil Mystery

by Edgar Wallace

Quite an exciting and well-written mystery until the denouement, which I consider a great disappointment.

Reviewed on 2013.09.03

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