Reviews by Dai Alanye

Uncle Silas

by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Although I prefer heroines with a bit more spunk, and plots a bit faster moving, this lives up to its reputation as an excellent Gothick tale, happily without anything much supernatural.

Reviewed on 2014.05.10

Wylder's Hand

by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Compared with the excellent Uncle Silas by le Fanu, I found this tale in every way inferior.

Slow moving, wordy, containing serious typos (Gutenberg edition,) a boring narrator and no adequate hero, and an unsatisfactory conclusion. Even with extensive skipping it was a waste of several hours.

OTOH it had a few pretty good villains.

Reviewed on 2014.05.10

The Seven Secrets

by William le Queux

One of the most preposterous mysteries it has ever been my displeasure to read. The premise is ridiculous, the plot excessively contorted, the dialog stilted, and the characters behave erratically and without proper motivation.

On the other hand, the text had few typos.

Reviewed on 2014.04.26

Dead Men's Money

by J. S. Fletcher

Of the several Fletcher books I've so far read, this one, reminiscent of Kidnapped, is the most interesting. A weak denouement, though,as is all too typical of him.

Reviewed on 2013.10.20

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