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Reviews by Greg Homer

Was It Right to Forgive?

by Amelia Edith Barr

I was all set to respond to HappyHermit's sharp remarks at my expense (see his fine review of 'Celtic Literature'); but then I read this book. I had a great come-back all ready to fire off, involving HappyHermit's personal hygiene being the reason he is a hermit. But then Amelia Edith Barr's wisdom touched me..deeply. So Happy...I forgive you. Now get out there and meet people...mingle.

By the way, I'm exactly as funny as I think I am..which is marginally.

Reviewed on 2010.07.20

Quest of the Golden Ape

by Gordon Randall Garrett

Adventure on the high seas! The true life tale of Sir Francis Drek, Captain of Her Majesty's ship the Golden Ape. Sir Francis and his crew of hearties were the first men to sail from England to Reno, Nevada in 1540. First Mate of the Golden Ape, Alexander FitzBoyle stayed on in Reno and founded the first all-you-can-eat buffet in the New World.

ps: I'm actually going to read this one. Sounds like my kind of book. And am sending in a long overdue donation to ManyBooks. AND YOU DO THE SAME!

Reviewed on 2010.06.25

The Fundamental Principles of Old and New World Civilizations

by Zelia Nuttall

The great Zelia Nuttall spent 760 pages explaining what she might have condensed into one half of a page:

To wit:
1. Eat slowly.
2. Never make extended eye contact with a crazy person.
3. Most people are almost crazy; almost most people are crazy.
4. 'Cool' is whatever people 19-24 are doing.
5. Being a bad example for your children isn't necessarily a bad thing.
7. It's better to get too much sleep than too little sleep.
8. Never envy anyone.
9. Girls love a guy who's a good dancer.
10. Showing up is 75% of any job.

Reviewed on 2010.04.20

A New Bog Lemming (Genus Synaptomys) From Nebraska

by J. Knox Jones

A big budget musical adaptation of this short book became the surprise Broadway hit of 1961, starring the great Judy Garland, June Allison, and a very young Robert Goulet. 'Two Gals and a Lemming' became the last successful musical project of Ms. Garland's tragic career.

Slated for the silver screen, the project was shelved when further DNA research found the supposedly 'new' species of Bog Lemming was actually just a regional variant of the Brown-mantled Bog Lemming. Many believe this revelation was what pushed Judy Garland over the edge and into her ultimate tailspin of booze, pills, and meaningless sex.

Reviewed on 2010.01.09

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