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Reviews by Henry L Ratliff

J. S. Le Fanu's Ghostly Tales, Volume 2

by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

(1862) Ghost Stories / Short story collection

R: ****

Plot bullets

  • An Authentic Narrative of a Haunted House

    o A man and his family take up residence in an old house in the country at his doctors advice.

    o Rest, is not what he gets in this possessed house.

  • Ultor De Lacy: A Legend of Cappercullen

    o An old castle.

    o Two sisters within, contending with and strange dreams.
    ] Is it the old curse?

Reviewed on 2013.10.08

Man With Two Left Feet

by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse


* Bill the Bloodhound
Your a detective, well, sort of. The term Bill the Bloodhound is not a positive one.
You love a girl, but she won't marry anyone not on the stage.
You get a chance to do some detective work and be near her as her musical show tours.
Can you do your job while you are near the girl you love.

* Extricating Young Gussie
A Bertie and Jeeves story.
Bertie's Aunt sends him to America to stop his cousin from making a fool of himself with a young girl on the stage.
Having become too involved, your Aunt comes over to straighten things out.
Now the trouble really starts.

* Wilton's Holiday
A man invents a tragic love affair to get attention.
He gets attention, but can he get his girl, with a lie.?

* The Mixer: (1. He Meets a Shy Gentleman)
A story from a dogs point of view.
A mongrel and street dog. A real Mixer.
Why is this man teaching you to behave against your instinct.

* The Mixer: (2. He Moves in Society)
A story from a dogs point of view. Continued
You think you have found a really nice home at last.
But, men will mess it up for you again.
Or, maybe luck is on your side this time.

* Crowned Heads
As a young girl, living in New York, you are pleased at the attention of a young man.
Marriage can be yours, if you can work around your grandfathers negative views.
After all, he thinks himself the King Of England and will only have the best for you.

* At Geisenheimers
Your a dime a dance girl at Geisenheimers.
Your partner is a man who thinks himself a good dancer and his wife a bad one.
You decide to teach him a lesson that could mean your job.

* The Making of Mac's
Some of Mac's restaurant workers have other aspirations.
Andy leaves for college.
Katy misses him.
He comes back. What has happened to him?
How does she get back, your Andy?

* One Touch of Nature
Three displaced American baseball fans meet for an exhibition game in London.
Each has his own reason for coming and some have made it an adventure.
One man has his freedom at risk.

* Black for Luck
A black cat.
It may bring luck and it may bring romance.

* The Romance of an Ugly Policeman
Your not a very hansom cop at all.
You do have a heart.
Maybe that will get you what ham some won't.

* A Sea of Troubles
A man decides to commit suicide, due to poor health.
He changes his mind.
Now his life is safe but, maybe not his freedom.
His fate is now in the hands of his secretary.

* The Man with Two Left Feet
You fall in love with a girl who dances for a living.
You can't dance. In fact you have the proverbial two left feet.
What can you do?

Wodehouse is the English O'Henry or O'Henry is the American P.G.Wodehouse.
If you like one, you will like the other.

Reviewed on 2012.04.04

The Wreckers

by Francis Lynde

* A man is given the job of shaping up a short line railroad.
* He has to fight an unknown group of bad guys.
* Kidnapping, murder and legal tricks may not be all that he has to face.
* The bad guys last trick may be as The Wreckers.

Reviewed on 2012.03.31

The Dark Door

by Alan Nourse

* You discover something behind the dark door.
* Now, something is after you and wants to kill you.
* You must hide or go out an clear up the situation.
* But, someone is playing with your mind.
* What is real and what is not?

Reviewed on 2012.03.24

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