Reviews by Henry L. Ratliff

The Great Impersonation

by E. Phillips Oppenheim

(1920) Espionage (WWI) / Mystery (Unraveling past events) /Suspense (Political)

R: * * * * *

Plot bullets

  • Sir Everard Dominey, an Englishman, and Baron Leopold Von Ragastein, a German are old school acquaintances.

  • They are more that that. The resemblance of the two is remarkable.

  • Dominey shows up in Africa at the plantation of Baron Von Ragastein, who has been placed there for espionage work for Germany, in case of, or in preparation for war.

  • Von Ragastein devises a plan to take advantage of an opportunity to switch places with Sir Edward and do some secret work in England, as Sir Edward.

  • The masquerade will not be easy, as he must deal with Sir Edward's past. And must be prepared to encounter and best these situations:

    o Sir Edward left England to flee a possible murder indictment.

    o The event mentally effected his wife Rosamund to the point that she may want his life.

    o The mother of the man he was supposed to have killed. THis woman is his wife's personal attendant and confidant.

    o Rumors of a ghost of the man he was supposed to have killed.

    o Von Ragastein's old lover, who is determined to cause trouble.

  • Under these conditions, and thosed imposed by the war, can any one man keep up, 'The Great Impersonation'.

Reviewed on 2014.03.25

Mr. Punch's Country Life

by John Alexander Hammerton

Humor (Rustic) / Satire

R: * * *

Plot bullets

  • This is not so much of a story of Mr. Punch's life in the country.

  • The country life is just a stage for a series of short skits and one-liners about country life.

  • It appears to be much in the tradition of the Punch Magazine.

Reviewed on 2014.03.23

The Other Gods

by H.P. Lovecraft

(1933) Fantasy (Gods vs Man) / Short story

R: * * *

Plot bullets

  • The Gods of old have receded away from the encroachment of man, higher and higher into their mountain abodes..

  • Man pursues them, ostensibly to praise and honor them.

  • Is there no respite from these supposed lesser beings.

  • Has man become, The Other Gods?

Reviewed on 2014.03.22

After London

by Richard Jefferies

(1885) Sci-fi (Future) / Adventure (Quest)

R: * * *

Plot bullets

  • This could be a story of Medieval times, but it is not.

  • The Earth has undergone change, great change, in this future, but at the same time backward view of England.

  • The how is not important, but both the land and man has reverted to an older state of existence.

  • The land is wild and so are it\'s inhabitants. This could indeed be a page from a Medieval script, with its ancient way of Kings, serfdom and feudal government.

  • This is the story of one man who sets out to try and make a life for himself, so he may marry the woman he loves.

  • He has progressive ideas that are opposed to the thinking of the time. .

  • It is the type of man, who can step forward in this, mans second chance: After London.

Reviewed on 2014.03.22

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