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The Co-Citizens

by Corra Harris

(1915) Humor(Satire) / Political (Women\'s Suffrage)

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

  • Sarah Hayden Mosely has died. What she leaves behind, her will and the wealth it represents, will do more to and for, the residents of her county and state, than the total effect of all her living days on Earth.

  • She has left funds, from the Mosely Trust that she controlled, to establish \'The Co-Citizens\' Foundation Fund of Jordan County\'. The foundation\'s purpose, is in support of women suffrage.

  • The foundation has three prominent members, two women and one man. These three individuals must convince the men of the city, county and state to allow women the right to vote.

  • In addition, there was the money, loans, land and mortgages, held but the Mosely Trust, of which the organization has $20,000 a year, with which to work.

  • The foundation is cleverly lead and the new advantage it has, puts a different light on the balance of power and influence in the war between man and woman. Who has the greater staying power, the men, or the women that makeup and are known as \'The Co-Citizens\'.

I give it 4 of 5 stars.

The19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granted American women the right to vote in 1920.

Reviewed on 2014.07.14

The Phantom Ship

by Frederick Marryat

(1838) Horror (Gothic) / Supernatural (Ghost ship) / Adventure (Quest) / Romance (Tragic) / Nautical (Sailing ships)

First serialized in 'The New Monthly Magazine' March 1837 - August 1839.

R: * * * * *
Plot bullets

  • Philip Vanderdecken of the Netherlands, has a great task ahead of him. He has sworn an oath on behalf of his dead father, to return to him a sacred relic..

  • His father is the unfortunate captain of the 'Flying Dutchman' A ghost ship that is doomed to sail the oceans, never touching land, until the relic is returned and the father is forgiven for curses to heaven and the death of a crewman, Schriften, who's apparition tries to foil Philip's quest.

  • Philip falls in love with and marries Amine, but leaves her at home for several voyages while he tries to fulfill his oath. The phantom ship is sighted on several of his voyages which end in tragedy, and death for all but him.

  • He finally takes his wife on what he hopes is his last voyage. The ghost ship is again sited and tragedy befalls them . Philip and Amine are rescued separately.

  • Philip has repeated difficulties as he tries to find his way to his wife. Amine is put on trial by the Spanish Inquisition, for mystic procedures she conducted to discover Philip's fate..

  • Tragedy has plagued Phillip's life, and all those he has sailed with, befriended or loved have suffered the same fate. Will he ever be able to fulfill his quest and put to rest the endless wanderings of the Flying Dutchman, 'The Phantom Ship'?

Reviewed on 2014.07.12

Doom of the Griffiths

by Elizabeth Gaskell

(1896) Horror (Gothic) / Short Story

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

  • The Griffith family has a curse on it.

  • The curse says that in each 9th generation, the son will kill his father.

  • Owen is a Griffith and a 9th son. His father is domineering and conflicts are likely.

  • Owen secretly marries and his new step-mother deliberately puts obstacles between Owen and his father.

  • Will Owen break the curse, or will he be the last to suffer 'The Doom of the Griffiths '

Reviewed on 2014.07.07

All the Brothers Were Valiant

by Ben Ames Williams

(1919) Fiction (Nautical) / Adventure (Mutiny)

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

  • The motto and epitaph of the sons of the House of Shore, is: 'All The Brothers Were Valiant'.

  • Joel Shore becomes the captain of the Nathan Ross, a whaling ship that was last captained by his brother, thought to be lost in the South Pacific.

  • Joel marries and takes his new wife on a commercial voyage for the ship's owners and in the hopes of determining if his brother Mark still lives.

  • Mark turns up with a not so valiant tale of his life in the islands. He is a changed man from the man that Joel knew, and he brings with him a tale of intrigue , murder and hidden treasure.

  • Mark wants to retrieve the treasure, but Joel does not want to do so, and this leads to strained relations between the brothers. The crew learns of the treasure and the brothers and crew are caught up in a mutiny.

  • Joel's wife does not understand his actions as Mark has swayed her opinion. She deems her husband a coward, for what appears to her to be a cowardly lack of action, with the crew and even Mark himself.

  • Life in the islands can change a man. It can make or break him. One brother is marked as a rogue and the other a coward.

  • The seeming impasse between brothers, husband and wife, and the crew has added danger and mistrust to the harshness and remoteness of a life on the sea. Will events alter and once again prove that 'All The Brothers Were Valiant'?

The story has been made into a movie several times.

Reviewed on 2014.07.07

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