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Reviews by Henry Ratliff

The Four Corners of the World

by A.E.W. Mason

* The Clock
o A very special clock that grants what no other can.
o What would you do with a few minutes of time no one else gets?
o Would a man do good or evil?

* Green Paint
o A small South American country.
o A dictator.
o Green paint: Everyone must paint his house green, and you get the paint concession.
o A time comes when you must decide between your employer or your friend.

* North of the Tropic of Capricorn
o A new MP discovers that he knows little of his duties or the ways of his new job.
o His passion is for one cause only.
o He will pay for his single mindedness in an unfortunate way.

* One of Them
o A man who cannot fight in WWI due to physical problems.
o Not in the trenches, but he and his boat are put to work.

*Raymond Byatt
o The ghost of a dead lover beckons his love to join him.
o Can you fight for her against such odds?

* The Crystal Trench
o A young woman looses her recent husband to a climbing accident on a glacier. He lies unrecoverable in a deep trench.
o So deep is her love that she will wait for the day his body is given up at the glaciers foot, some 25 years hence.
o Will the reunion be all that is hoped?

* The House of Terror
o His wife's former lover is dead.
o He is sure that this man comes back to claim her.
o He must meet the dead on it's own terms.

* The Brown Book
o Intrigue over the doctor's little Brown Appointment Book.
o What can a doctor's personal notes reveal?

* The Refuge
o A man buys an old house to be his refuge from the hassle of London
o Free from people, but...!
o The old house does not come haunted, but what if you import a problem.

* Peiffer
o You let an enemy agent loose to follow and learn more.
o You loose him for six critical hours.

* The Ebony Box
o A young soldier and his duty.
o Does the Ebony box she protects contain only personal life or military secrets?
o In either case, who will pay the price when you open it?

* The Affair at the Semiramis Hotel
o A jewel robbery with many twists.

* Under Bignor Hill
o A play of the Romans in ancient England.
o A story of a soldier in a foreign land.

Reviewed on 2012.02.17

The Story of a Doctor's Telephone: Told by His Wife

by Ellen M. Firebaugh

* Your a Doctors wife, at the turn of the last century.

* Your husband has never had much time away from his duties.

* But, this newfangled telephone has made a slave of him.

* You can only grin and bare it and wait for his retirement.

* Life is hectic, but wonderful and plays out, behind each ting-a-ling-a-ling.

A very enjoyable, feel good story. A nice break from murder, mayhem and aliens. From the book: 'And into her thoughts came, too, the never-ending story of the phone as it was unfolding itself to her throughout the years. Humor and pathos, folly and wisdom, tragedy and comedy, pain, anguish, love, joy, sorrow--all had spoken and had poured their sbrief story into the listening ear of the helper. And when he was not there, into the ear of one who must help in her own poor way.'

Reviewed on 2012.02.17

The Strength of the Pines

by Edison Marshall

* A man is pulled to his past, the past of a mountain blood feud.

* He can regain his father's land, and a woman he loves.

* He could loose his life from the beasts of the woods, both man and animal.

* If he would overcome all, he must have the strength of the mighty Pines.

Reviewed on 2012.02.17

The Unspeakable Perk

by Samuel Hopkins Adams

* The Unspeakable Perk? Not some hideous barbarian. But, misunderstood, yes.
* A Caribbean Island.
* A young rich girl.
* A bashful Doctor.
* A meeting.
* A back and forth romance.

A delightful romance of the young liberated woman and a shy, woman fearing Doctor. The furtive banter between the girl and boy is by itself, a reason to read the story.

Reviewed on 2011.06.01

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