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by Peter Watts

Hard science ficiton that is well worth the read... but if you are not a fan of this particular genre it may be too much like hard work.

Reviewed on 2011.09.19

Five Nights

by Victoria Cross

I enjoyed this book until the ending when I was completely disgusted and shocked. To describe a pregnant woman as "disfigured" and to characterize her as unlovable?? Or that the characters wouldn´t love each other the same if one of them were to become disfigured/disabled?? Pretty shallow stuff.

Reviewed on 2010.06.15

A Box of Dead Roses

by Ethel Mills

A beautiful story of an elderly Australian woman reflecting on her marriage.

Reviewed on 2010.03.28

Tired of Death

by Neil Hartley

Juvenile writing. Nauseatingly bad. Here's an excerpt: "I know you! You're the zombie that ate our princess a while back. Hey! You're the group we're watching for!!"
Blech. Extremely amateurish.

Reviewed on 2009.07.21

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