Reviews by JoJo Biggins

The Highest Treason

by Gordon Randall Garrett

This is the closest thing to a 5-star story I\'ve found on this site to date. Good, unique premise. Believable main character. Good balance of dialogue, description, and action. As a bonus, it is an incredibly accurate prophecy of where we *are* heading as a society.

The biggest drawback is a few pages where the author goes into pointless philosophy.

Reviewed on 2015.06.30

The Hero

by Elaine Wilber

Want to waste some time and "enjoy" a big let-down? Read this story.

Reviewed on 2015.06.16


by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

The only point of this story is to criticize every possible aspect of our society. There is no plot. If you make it all the way through, you will only suffer the more from the pointless ending.

Reviewed on 2015.06.16

High Dragon Bump

by Don Thompson

What a dumb story. You can guess the ending way early on.

Reviewed on 2015.06.16

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