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Reviews by JoJo Biggins

Raiders of the Universes

by Donald Wandrei

I cannot grasp how anyone rated this story beyond a single star. There's hardly a plot, almost no conversation, and the only two characters are cardboard. The story is mostly narrative, and full of goofy-science references. And, just how believable is it that an Earthman single-handedly defeats an entire race of beings that are the masters of time, space, and multiple universes? Give me a break.

Reviewed on 2017.10.18

Rastignac the Devil

by Philip Josť Farmer

This is an interesting story. It's well written, has a good plot, and the characters are fairly well done. The odd mix-in of some Jack and the Beanstalk elements, and a few other Earth references, don't fit in so well with the other-worldly tale, but then again, neither do they particularly detract from the story. If only the author had been able to come up with a better ending, I could see the possibility of 5 stars.

Frenchmen from Earth colonize a planet that already has two sentient, and accepting, species present. They integrate with the existing societies, but after many years trouble starts brewing. Our hero must overcome the "Skin" devices which control the actions of the populace. A small bit of swashbuckling aids the cause.

Reviewed on 2017.10.18

The Radiant Shell

by Paul Ernst

Somehow, this story just manages to avoid being horrible. After the initial silliness, the story is just interesting enough to keep you going. And then the ending goes back to silliness.

An invisible man isn\'t as perfectly invisible as he hopes. And this leads to trouble as he tries to steal back stolen death-ray plans.

Reviewed on 2017.09.06

A Question of Courage

by J. F. Bone

A good, solid, sci-fi story with all the right elements in place. Good writing, characterization, and plotting. A fairly decent ending.

A "coward" captain is ordered to take his ship into battle.

Reviewed on 2017.08.30

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