Reviews by JoJo Biggins

The Golden Judge

by Nathaniel Gordon

Unique premise. Stupid story.

Reviewed on 2014.09.11

The Golden Amazons of Venus

by John Murray Reynolds

While the "science" portion of this story is both childish and outlandish, it is nevertheless entertaining to read. I skipped over many portions of boring descriptions, but the author kept me wanting to read on. The ending is stupid and trite, so don't look for a lot of satisfaction there.

Reviewed on 2014.09.10

Gold in the Sky

by Alan Nourse

A well-written story about the quest for star travel. Just enough action and intrigue to keep it interesting. Amazing that this story was written back in the 50's since most stories from that era were drivel. Very, very, very refreshing not to have to deal with foul language.

Reviewed on 2014.09.09

Going Deep

by James Patrick Kelly

An interesting premise, but, well - cheap. Cuts off abruptly in an unsatisfying manner.

Reviewed on 2014.09.08

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