Reviews by JoJo Biggins

The Gallery

by Roger Phillips Graham

Quite an interesting concept. Too bad there's no real plot or driving force behind the story. Read it for what it is and enjoy it - at least it's short.

Reviewed on 2014.07.09


by Roger Arcot

I guess the author thought this a funny story. Not.

Total waste of time.

Reviewed on 2014.07.08

The Galaxy Primes

by E. E. ''Doc'' Smith

Wish I'd paid attention to the other reviews - they are spot on. This is nothing more than a story of grade-school-personality idiots interacting with each other.

Reviewed on 2014.07.08

From the Hands of Hostile Gods

by Darren R. Hawkins

Couldn't get past the extreme foul language.

Reviewed on 2014.07.07

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